Working on my Final Project – Capstone 6

My Final Project was really hard. Why? Because I had a wevideo which had to be perfect which also means that I need a good voiceover, pictures, a way to fit in a link and QR code. I wanted to make the best out of mine but that didn’t go so well.

The first time I presented my voiceover it sounded so static that when feedback came everyone was saying. “Change the voiceover!”. So I went outside of the classroom and started working. It was hard because there was a lot of noise coming from the wing which I did not want to include in my voiceover.

So I started on the pictures. Someone pointed out at feedback was that is was boring and only had two pictures going back and forth so I started changing that. It was also pretty hard because I had to fit the right picture at the right time so it took a while to finish. Luckily when I finished there was no noise coming from the wing so I had my chance to voiceover. I only got to do a couple before lunch though. That was only one part of about three presenting’s which meant a lot of work.

Answering My Inquiry question – Capstone 5

For capstone my main inquiry question is Which one is better? Satellite radio or AM/FM radio. It took me a couple of days to get it but finally got it. Once I figured out my main inquiry question I immediately started working on capstone. I thought about it because of my mom. She worked for radio and I wanted to learn more. I knew back then was that there were only two types of radio AM/FM radio and Satellite radio. I didn’t know the difference between the two so I decided to do my capstone on that. We have to write an essay on all the information we learned. Here it is…

Satellite Radio vs AM/FM

By Braden

When you think about it, radio is very fascinating. I decided to do radio as my Capstone topic because my mom works for the radio so she can help me. When I started doing my research I figured that there was more to radio than I knew. So much to know. The first thing I found out was that there were two types of radio that you can listen to. The two radio types you can choose from are AM/FM radio and Satellite Radio. AM/FM is local, so it has a limited area and for You can listen to satellite radio, on the other hand,  everywhere, but you have to pay.  


AM/FM Radio

How AM/FM Radio Works

AM/FM radio is a local type of radio. You can listen to AM/FM radio stations that are available in your location. A simplified explanation is that the  sound waves get broadcasted which your antenna receives and translates to your speakers, which your speaker plays. So when the sound wave gets to the car it translates to real words. For a more detailed look, here is a visual diagram:

Advantages and Disadvantage of AM/FM Radio

A major advantage of AM/FM radio is that it is available for free. That’s possible because instead of them raising money from customers, they raise money by charging companies that want to advertise their product on their station.

A major disadvantage of AM/FM radio is that the stations are available in a limited range so you can’t listen to your favorite radio everywhere. And some people say that there are too many commercials. I agree because I’d rather listen to the actual music.

Satellite Radio

How Satellite Radio Works

Satellite radio works mostly with antennas. First, the announcer speaks into the microphone, making his/her voice become soundwaves. Once the soundwaves get to the antenna, the antenna calls a signal to a satellite. People who have a subscription to that satellite service are able to access the satellite radio. The satellite bounces the sound waves to the listening device’s antenna  making the person able to hear the radio.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Satellite Radio

A major advantage of satellite radio is that you can listen to any satellite radio station, anywhere in the world! Also, satellite radio is available without commercials. This means, there aren’t any commercials about people talking about radio.

A major disadvantage, however, is that you need to pay, which is not good. But, imagine that you can listen to NY radio in Asia!

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts of this essay is that satellite radio is better than AM/FM radio. You can listen to your radio wherever ,whenever. All though you have to pay it is pretty cheap. It also doesn’t have a lot of commercials so my personal opinion is that Satellite radio is better than AM/FM radio.



Capstone – Site Visit 4

For my Site Visit I went to a Radio Station. It was very fascinating  I saw people talking in microphones, I took pics too and  it was great! Dawn Stevens (The person I interviewed) guided me through the place and it was pretty much a long hallway with doors on the side and each room helps and makes radio. Dawn Stevens showed me where he worked and I thought it was the best room I saw during my interview. It had all the buttons and levers and computers all on one desk, and a window in front of it so he can so what is going on. That room was the best. Another cool room I saw was a room that had on air and was ON AIR!! But I didn’t go in because I couldn’t interrupt their broadcast. After that I saw the last room that had nine chairs about and they all had microphones so they could have a meeting on air. I also sat in one of the chairs! Then me and my mom went outside for the last information we could get. There was a satellite radio panel on the roof and he explained what that meant. When we were done Dawn Stevens gave us a map of the sound wave radius for me to work on me capstone!

Capstone – Interviewing 3

For Capstone we need to interview for extra research. You can email, skype, phone, or actually meet the person for an interview. I choose email and hoped to visit a site. I planned on interviewing Samantha Rosenthal Fisher. She is one of my mom’s friends and Samantha Fisher works for the Radio. I emailed Ms. Fisher 10 questions ahead of time and I planned on asking her the questions in person. It ended up that Samantha Fisher was too busy to speak and meet with me. Luckily, I found Dawn Stevens. I ended up interviewing Mr. Stevens on the phone. On the phone we set up my site visit for May 24, 2017. Once we called for the interview I just told him the 10 questions and he gave the answers that he could answer. Then we scheduled the site visit. One of her answers was “AM/FM radio reaches 92% of the population whereas Satellite radio reaches between 6-8% of the population. The coverage is significantly different as Satellite is a network that has only national coverage and AM/FM radio scales locally or nationally. AM/FM Radio is also live and local, whereas Satellite does quite well with niche music lovers, and Howard Stern Fans. The challenge is Satellite radio doesn’t have the ability to scale since the network is locked and loaded, whereas radio has major overlap. And that was only one question!

Capstone – Main Inquiry Question 2

In Capstone we need to choose a  Main Inquiry question so for example, if I choose spongebob I would say how did spongebob evolve over the years? But since I did radio I asked how does Fm/AM radio compare to satellite radio? It was pretty hard but my mom helped a little so that’s my question. We also need to do 5 sub questions which means we need to choose 5 question we would research about.

Choosing a Topic – 1

In school, there is a big project going on right now called CapStone which is a project where you get to make a presentation about a topic that you want to learn more about. I picked the topic radio because I really want to know how announcers speak into a microphone that connects to the cars radio’s and t.v. But now since I been researching a bit i’m getting to know how it works and hopefully at the end I get to understand how everything works. You can pick tons of ways to explain your topic like ted talks, ignites and movies. I’m doing an Ignite. An ignite talk is when you have to do 12 slides with 15 seconds on each which is 3 minutes. I am really excited to share my project with everyone!