Reflecting on 4th Grade

This is my reflection on fourth grade!

In Math my favorite  thing is fractions because it was kind of easy and it was fun.

In Writing my favorite thing is writing our script for toy theater because then we share it with other classes and we work together.

In Reading my favorite thing is read aloud because it is relaxing and fun listening to a book.

In S.S my favorite thing is our toy theater because we work together and we get to share with other classes.

In Science my favorite thing is land + water because we get to do it in a group and we do experiments.

In Instruments my favorite thing is doing the songs because that’s the whole point it’s fun and I like the music that we do.

In Music my favorite thing is doing games, movies and doing the songs.

In Art my favorite thing is doing art and watching the art videos.

In PE my favorite thing doing is the games and hard work.

In Spanish my favorite thing is doing Spanish and the games plus the work is fun.

I accomplished my goals for fourth grade.

I did it by hard work and fun.

My First Free Write!

I play hockey in the Squirt AAA Vipers League. I love it. I would play all my life. You would vs other teams. You try to get the most goals to win. There are something called periods. sometimes if you tie you go into overtime. You also have team mates who help you win!