Capstone Share – Capstone 7 (1)

My share wasn’t so bad. First on Monday we had the second, third and fourth graders see our projects. I was a bit nervous but got the hang of it before the second graders came.

The second graders really liked them. They pretty much listened to everybody’s and just passed by. I was confused about them.

Then the third graders came and that was fun to but one girl came up to mine to listen to it and after she listened she said ” I barely knew about about radio so this was very interesting”. I was really happy than.

Than after the third graders came the fourth came and they were so loud. They went to all the sports ones and was a little sad but still it was fun to see everyone to enjoy everything.

After Monday was

Capstone Share – Capstone 7 (2)

On Tuesday we had our capstone share with the parents. All I did was put some headphones on some parents who wanted to see my project and yeah that was it. Before that we had a chorus concert and I was embarrassed after because we messed two songs up.

When my mom, dad and older brother came to listen to my capstone they were all proud. She was also proud when she was listening to my project. She said it was amazing with a very happy face and gave my a hug and then my dad listened to it and pretty much said the same thing and last but not least my older brother, he just gave me a quick hug. They were all very happy but before that I was nervous that they would think that my capstone was bad. I had an extra smile on my face when they were very proud. After that we celebrated by going to lunch. I really enjoyed the capstone project and hope that next year the other fifth graders will enjoy it to.

Pollo A La Brasa Field Trip

I was super excited to go to this field trip. Why? Because you get to it food! And really good food. But not normal food. Spanish Food! We went on the field trip to learn Spanish foods and to taste them. When you sit down it takes about 10 minutes to bring the food. And they give you five plates of food! In my perspective all the food was good besides the fish (I don’t like fish). I really liked the field trip and hope I go another day.

Immigration Unit

This was a bit hard but fun at the same time. The hard part was that we have to fetch pictures, research, and even make up a script of a made up person. Then the fun part is making the story. We worked on WeVideo (link down below) which was a good place to work because you can import pictures easily and record your voice over the work.

Sphero Lessons 2.0 and 3.0

Since we did both Lessons 2.0 and 3.0 It was hard to squeeze in the time for the lessons because usually one lesson is 30 minutes but this time we had to do them at the same time so each lesson was 15 minutes so I think me and my group did a very good job at teaching because at the end they were like okay can we do this or can we play this or lets make a game so I think we did very good teaching. And the students also listened very carefully so I think that’s great to so lessons 2.0 and 3.0 were the lessons we taught them a lot.

Rube Goldberg #6

Our Rube Goldberg project took a lot of effort. ¬†First to come up with the idea on how to build it was pretty hard because we didn’t know if we had the right pieces. Then building and getting all the pieces was so super hard because that’s the main part of building a Rube Goldberg Machine. Then the video. The video was probably the hardest because sometimes the person who was videotaping stopped the recording and the Rube Goldberg was still going and it was so annoying. That was the long pain of Rube Goldberg.

Rube Goldberg #5

For finishing up me and Ryan’s Rube Goldberg it took all very long time to actually finish the start and what I mean by that is that the start didn’t work but the whole thing did work so we kept on trying until it worked. It took 1 try at least and that’s all I’m proud about.

Rube Goldberg #4

While Ryan and I were doing Rube Goldberg at his house we tried so many times, but the car did not knock the dominoes down at a point. It was so frustrating and at a point we had no materials left. We needed books to stack up and we used all the books so we had to figure out another way.

Rube Goldberg #3

Ryan and I met at my house. He forgot to bring some supplies, which made it much harder. We used ping pong balls, a toy car and some dominos. It was getting very difficult at my house because I didn’t have a lot of materials to do the Rube Goldberg so we switched to Ryan’s house.

One reason why it was hard at my house is because when we placed the dominos they kept falling down. We also switched to his house is because he had better materials. At his house, it was also very difficult because once we knocked the dominos down they don’t push the car, but we knew exactly what to do because we had the sketch. I think it will go better the next time we meet.

Rube Goldberg #2

For our Rube Goldberg sketch it was difficult to figure out and agree to an idea. Sometimes someone got an idea, but the other person wouldn’t agree to it. The main part of why the sketch was hard is because it was to write about your machine, but while we were doing the sketch we were still wondering how the machine would work with what materials. It was also hard to discuss plans over the weekdays so we to make the effort to make plans with each other.

After a long 10 to 15 minutes we came up with the machine and how it would work and we knew what was needed to do it. We came up with something easy, but it would be hard to make. And our idea was to make a planning sheet of what it would look like and we would share with each other. We went with most of Ryan’s ideas because he had more steps and they were more interesting.