🚂Rube Goldberg #6🚂

Today we finished the rube Goldberg video. IT TOOK SOOOOOOOOOOOO long we were there for like 4 hours working on the video. It has a slow mo a part where we explain everything and a video of us eating the burnt toast ( it was disgusting.) we had to go over it many times but I think CY did the most work on the video. we also had a one more ice cream sunday. (I think that was a bit over kill) the vidoe is down below



🚂Rube Goldberg #5🚂

We did it! we got the clip of our rube Goldberg working and we made it on take 50. After that we did a video of us explaining the steps then we made a final sketch and. Then we made a video of us eating the burred toast and it tasted horrible I had to drink 3 cups of water just to get the taste out of my mouth. When we were done we got a ice cream sunday!!

🚂Rube Goldberg #4🚂

today we gt bad news when we came though the door the robots was not working and no one new why. we just had to work from the marble run we found a way to make the books work to.  we make the ramp go down on a loop and hit the top of the book and it worked!!!!! When we have everyone one Monday ( and after we get a new robot) we can Finnish and start our video. We are almost done!

🚂Rube Goldberg #2

Today was our third meeting. our rube Goldberg looks pretty good and we got the first 4 or so steps down we still cant agree on the toaster or the fan but other then that its pretty good and most of our steps are good.  Our rube Goldberg goes like this First Sam drops the car, it hits dominoes and that hits another car that car hit a button on a rote robot that then hits a marble down the table which goes though a marble run and at the end it tips over a cup the cup is attached to a popsicle stick. Thats all we have done.

🚂Rube Goldberg🚂

We got a assignment on jan 28. It was rube Goldberg. Me and my group got together (2 people were sick ) we made a sketch and tested some stuff out. Then our second gathering ( every one was here ) we started our second sketch we fought quite a lot ( who knew that NERF bullets hurt a lot) my friends mom said that if we finish we can get ice cream. We also started the first few steps. Our rube Goldberg looks awesome.