How I used energy this weekend

This weekend I was at home so I could not go out and socialize but I still got exercise in. I went out in the yard and played tennis agenst the garage. Using kinetic energy from my hand and transferring it onto my racket and then onto my ball then when it hits the garage door the energy gets reflected back at my racket and so on and so forth. I also ran around my house a few times. When you run the kinetic energy from your feet push agenst the ground making you run.

What is energy

Energy is the power to allow us to do things, like walking, running and other stuff. It gives us the ability to move stuff and keep the world spinning. Energy also gives us light and heat and electrisay. With out energy no one could live. Energy is the base of life. There are many types of energy the two main ones are kinetic and potential energy. Kinetic energy is like something actually moving. Like a ball rolling down a hill. Potential energy is something that has the power to have energy like a ball at the top of a hill

Technology- we are special

Today in class Mr Calvert said that we will be doing something the other class’s did not do, mechanical movement. I really hope its fun and i cant wait. Yesterday we looked at boxes and they had weird gears insider them. Not what I thought was inside but still really fun. Though one of the box’s gears were stuck I still think the consept is really cool and I think I know my idea for the automata its going to be a big weel and I already made most of my cams I cant wait. It’s going to be amazing


Today we are working on out automaton project. Most of us are working on the frames and finishing the last few cams and followers. So far I’ve only burned myself only once, which is a very record for me.   I still need to make my two followers and drill two holes into the top and put the dowel in but I think I’m in a good position with my project

We are also starting a new project which is the flash lights. I really was looking forward  to this part because I saw other people use them in our house I’m super exited

Technology breakout/escape room

Yesterday we did a brEakout in tech. We had two teams and each 3 locks pluse a bonus box that we had to race to open. We tied because they opened their last lock first but we opened the bonus box. I opened two of the four lockS our team opened. (The direction Lock and the bonus lock). Our direction lock was jammed so that slowed us down a bit.



oh and I also put a riddle here if you can find it out you will get the secret code to the bonus box 🙂

the clues were really easy to find.


messy science

Today in class we did a science experiment about mixtures and solutions. We had 3 different solvents and 1 solute. The sugar was the solute and the solvent was oil water and vinegar. But first we had to make pink sugar. We got food coloring and sugar then we mixed food coloring with sugar and make pink sugar.

Then we made a hypothesis my hypothesis was if we mixed the sugar with the oil then it would float to the bottom and I was correct but some went to the top. It was sticky and slow like syrup. But pink like slime. also the middle stayed the same. I think this because the oil is lighter then the sugar and the color is lighter then both so that’s how it went to the top

Then we made another hypothesis for the water I thought that it would be pink sugar water. Then when we mixed it with water making pink sugar water that was easy to hypothesize. But some of the sugar did not dissolve I think this happened because the water could only hold a certain amount of sugar

then we did our last experiment we mixed the the sugar with the vinegar. my hypothesis was that it would be smelly and pink looking. It was smelly that was for sure but it was more orange. I think that this happened because the color spreads out and grows lighter.

I had no questions but a lot of answers


power plays a big role in refuge like when Joseph has to take the role of adult because Hitler wants them out and his mom and dad have gone crazy and Isabelle has to help her mom because she is having a baby and trying to get away from the coast gard and when mamuded was in the sea they all had to be adult so the didn’t drown.

Passion Project 3

So far every thing is going good. I’m starting my next project. It is a project to use the magnetic force to make a motor. First you need a battery copper wire and little magnets. first you bend the wire into a unenclosed circle. Then you stack the magnets on top of each other. then place the battery in the copper wire, about 4-6 magnets and place the battery and wire on top of the magnets and the wire will spin. ( tip: you must have the top of the battery touching the wire and the bottom part of the wire must be a millimeter away)

Passion project 2

My passion project is going good so far my first experiment worked ( i will post pictures of that latter) and my chicken bone project is working pretty good. My Hypothesis is that the vinegar will take out the Calcium in the bone and make it rubbery. the bone is starting to look weird. If any of you want to try this at home all u need is a raw chicken bone and vinegar. first put the chicken bone in the bowl then poor in the vinegar and let it set for one or two weeks.