Colonial Research Project

The past few weeks my class (Mrs. Boyers class) started a Colonial Research Project. We chose two topics and do a project. I chose tech and design something. A few people chose to do a rap some chose to do a model. I chose to do a trivia machine. it will be a wood rectangle prism and five pieces of paper one showing the question and the four others showing the answers you can chose. there will also be four switches under the four pieces of paper. when the switch for the correct answer is flipped a led turns green. when the wrong answer switch is flipped the led light turns red and when the leds run out of power you can open the top of the box and put a new battery in. in progress wises I am doing pretty good all. I need to do is get the materials and start building

I will post my blue print here

Philly trip

November 9th 2018.


The fifth graders of Heathcote elementary school went on their trip to Philly. The fifth graders exited the bus and into the pouring rain running into the Constitution Center trying to be dry. The first exhibit that they saw was a Hamilton exhibit it was on limited time so the 5th graders were lucky the 5th graders spread out in ah the parents taking pictures.

After that the fifth grade went to the signers Hall where they saw big life-size Bronze Statues of the people who signed the Constitution. Next they went to the first show living news the show was about the rights of the Constitution. 5th grader Danny “says that he learned a lot and it was pretty cool.” The show was super popular the entire week was sold out.

After the show the fifth graders got 10 minutes to look at the main exhibit. There were voting booth where you could vote and there was a Mini model of Capitol Hill the White House and the Supreme Court. Also there was a giant TV like cylinder. It showed all the faces of famous people. you could add your own face onto the TV. 5th grader Eli said “I really like how you put it put your face on it it’s really cool.”

After ten minutes the 5th grade went to the second show Freedom Rising. There were tons of seats and there was a giant projector that projected images on the walls and in the middle of the theater. The show itself was about the rights of the Constitution and famous people who wrote it, for example Benjamin Franklin. After that all the 5th grade class went down to eat lunch. 5th grader Brian says that the morning was great and from this reporter’s opinion I think so to.

plant post #2

Our group has been taking care of our manipulated it is 8 and a 1/2 centimeters! The leaves of our plant is about 2 centimeters. We are starting to get buds. Our teacher said we are almost ready to start pollinating the plants.


I think it has buds because it is getting a lot of sunlight


Our group has been looking at the manipulated one to. It is about 9cms. There are a lot of buds. Its leaning sideways a little.


I think the manipulated one is leaning because it is trying to get light.


Plant Observations #1

Last 1 week and a ½ we planted plant. I have no idea what they are! We had one controlled and one manipulated. For our manipulated one we put sand instead of dirt. Other people messed with the water or light. One group even put sugar water. Our manipulated one grew 1 inch and a ½ !

On the first day it started to sprout on. The second day I saw that it was the same. For the next 5 days it grew stems then it started to grow leaves it was very very fun!


-This is my controlled plant.

This is the manipulated.

maglav train-day three

On day three we had a huge success. We put three magnets on each side right left and center.

Here are some pictures:




We made it float 3/4 of a inch off the ground. It carried 46 marbles!!!!!! It was so much marbles that we had to get a bigger cup! It was sad when we had to take apart our maglev. But I can’t wait for the next unit. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!