We started Cap Con a few days ago (cap con is short for capstone conference) we will do a project and then share it with the school. First you have to chose a topic in my case I chose tennis. We will so what we have learned with different ways. Ted talks, websites, ignites, presentations and movies. I don’t know which one i’m going to chose but I cant wait. This is my first blog post I will do six more and walk everyone though the process.


Now we are onto our second step choosing our main inquiry question and sub questions. My main inquiry question is how has tennis changed over the years. My sub questions are… How did tennis start out, who has changed it and how has it changed. I’m also getting resources like books websites interviews and site visits. I really am looking forward to the site visit. this is my second blog post I will do 5 more.

BLOG 3 and 4

I’m going to a tennis club in Westchester I don’t know what to expect but i’m pretty exited. I’m also going to a interview today with my tennis couch his name is mohobi. I have my questions almost ready and I just need to go to the interview.

Interview – ughhhhhh

a few days ago I finally got an interview but mohobi¬† had a emergency and I couldn’t interview them. As for my site visit I’m going soon today or tomorrow I cant wait. I am going to get an interview this Monday I hope it works…… the site visit will be at a club called lake isle I also I’m working on my script. I am chose a TED talk.

Site visit – at the place

I went to lake isle it is a tennis club I went around and saw everything. the place has bean her since 1979 and it is pretty cool I got to see all around and I saw pictures of people who played at lake isle and they were pretty good. then I got a tour of the court and it was a court with gray clay on it. there were sprinklers on it and I asked a person at the desk why they were there he said that it was to smooth the clay and wipe out footprint and that kind of stuff. after that I had to go home .


I interviewed him and it was pretty great I will put the video up when I finish editing it. I asked him 15 questions and answered good. I need to finish me TED talk to which will take a long time

interview- refection

the interview turned out pretty good but I need to cut out some of the beging and trancribe it so I can put it on a doce. I also need to finish my TED talk.

Blog 5

I pretty much finished my script and i’m working on my slideshow. Mrs. Boyer also said we could make business cards so i’m pretty pumped. and i will show you the script down bellow and the interview video’

oops the video is to long i’m going to edit it than put it on :p


so we are recording in a few days and I’m nervous I think I should talk louder and go slower but I’m just so nervous i did a live performance to a group of kids yesterday and now I’m going to perform to the inter class then in just less then a week we are going to perform to our parents . we also need our script memorized I am so nervous