Plant Observations #1

Last 1 week and a ½ we planted plant. I have no idea what they are! We had one controlled and one manipulated. For our manipulated one we put sand instead of dirt. Other people messed with the water or light. One group even put sugar water. Our manipulated one grew 1 inch and a ½ !

On the first day it started to sprout on. The second day I saw that it was the same. For the next 5 days it grew stems then it started to grow leaves it was very very fun!


-This is my controlled plant.

This is the manipulated.

maglav train-day three

On day three we had a huge success. We put three magnets on each side right left and center.

Here are some pictures:




We made it float 3/4 of a inch off the ground. It carried 46 marbles!!!!!! It was so much marbles that we had to get a bigger cup! It was sad when we had to take apart our maglev. But I can’t wait for the next unit. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maglav train day two

Yesterday my group had a huge successes we made the train float a inch off the ground!!!!! My idea made it float a little but we found another way. first we got strip magnets and disc magnets it made it flout a little then we tried adding a extra strip. But that did not work. we even tried putting to long magnets on the car but that did not work. It was a great second day!

Maglev Reflection Day 1

This week we are learning about maglev train and transportation. Yesterday we started make our maglev train. our first plan failed because the magnets kept on flipping over. Today we are trying my idea. I am pretty sure that my idea is going to work. my idea is putting two strip magnet on the train and three strip on the track and six disk magnet. and If my idea fails then we are going to try the other persons idea. We can have four different  magnets. one of the magnets is a strip magnet. a strip magnet is a bendable magnet that you can brake. another magnet is a ring magnet. the ring magnet is like a magnet donut. the final magnet is the bar magnet.

My expert book reflection

Last month I published expert books. I really liked it. My topic was space. First I had to to write tons of drafts. That was the boring part. Next I added some tweaks. Then I put it down on the computer and added some captions. I also added a glossary and a introduction. I also had to frame all my pictures and captions. It took a very very long time. Some people even had to change their topic and then change back. I hope you like my book!