All About Diffract Octopuses

In this blog post you will learn about octopuses. There is the coconut octopus that lives off the cost of Lembeh. It is the size of you thumb and the legs are three times as long as its body.

On a diffract topic a octopus has a ink sack so it can spray ink at all times. A octopus has three harts and blue blood,

there are also invertebtebrates so they have no bones but the only hard part of their body’s are around there brain. So having no bones it makes getting into tight spaces so much easier. They can also change color for camouflage.

who’s ready for summer

who’s ready for summer, well I am. I am leaving on Wednesday to New Zealand for three weeks. I am so excited, but the only down side is that I have to spent a day and half on a plane. Me and my family are going to see two rugby games. Were are you going for summer. I love summer because you are free from school, you get to play video games and you are care free.   You can go to the beach or some people go to camp my camp is,

Camp Nashoba North. I am going for 4 weeks but next year I am going for 8.  Bye see you in my next post.

breakout EDU 2

One Friday me and my class did another breakout EDU.


This time there were only 4 locks, but there was still a littlebox with a black light inside it. It had diffract clues and a diffract theme. Inside there was ether sticky eyeballs, cranes, or bracelets. It was so fun to do thank you for reading see you in my next post. bye ;p



Cookie Dough

yesterday I went to Stew Leonard. It was my brother birthday and we went to the ice cream shop there, and the sold cookie dough in a cone or cup I got two scoops but that was a mistake the scoops were really big and the two scoops

were like the size of my head. I have a scoop and a half left. If you ever go there then make sure to bring water. Also so when we were there we saw cages with cows, ducks, goats, and hens. Then there was a thing that if you pressed a button a song would play.

Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU was a fun thing. Where when went to the unoccupied room next to our room. The whole class did it. this was supposed to be an exercise that would have us work together.

We succeeded because Jennifer found a little box with a lock. It had a black light inside it. I had the idea to shine the black light on papers stuck to the wall and the had numbers on them to figure out the passcode. I got to open the box and there were chocolate kisses inside.  

4th grade Paddling

On June 12th Mrs. Assatly’s class  went to the Scarsdale pool to go kayaking, the whole 4th grade went but only 2 classes went on the 12th, it was our class and Miss.K’s class but Miss.K class went before use and the other two classes went on Friday. It was so fun. There was 5 difrant types of boats, there was freestyle, white water, recreation,

touring kayak

and touring kayak, but there’s one more the is the stand up paddle bord. (S.U.P)  I like the sup the best it was so fun. I also felt relaxed in a kayak and I love kayaks.  It was so fun to go on such a hot day and be in the pool.


the frist horse

the horse now

the frist horse

The frist horse was small about the size of a dog. You could carry it. Only a few people were around to see it. (as you see it did not lookalike a horse) It had three toes, and not as long as a mane, it kind of looks like the horse has a cow tail, and it has different patters than today. But no one knows for sure that the first horse looked like that it is just what scientists guessed because of evaluation. bye 🙂

The midnight gang book review


The Midnight Gang by David Williams, is about 5 kids who go on adventures at night to pursue their dreams. There is a boy named Tom who goes to a posh boarding school. He got hit in the head with a cricket ball, goes to the hospital and meets kids that are also in the hospital. There is Sally who is in for treatment because she has cancer. Then there is Amber who is the leader of the group and she broke both her legs and arms. There is Robin who had surgery on his eyes and can not see. Last but not least, there is George who is fat because he eats a lot of chocolate. He had surgery to remove his appendix. This book is a realistic fiction book, I know this because there is no magic and the only time someone flies is by balloons.

The main character is Tom, he’s lonely. I know this because he has no friends and his parents don’t really talk to him when he goes to see them. In the beginning Tom starts out having no friends and in the end all the kids at the hospital become friends with him. The story takes place in the 1980’s and the setting is in a big hospital. Do you know Annie the movie and how orphanages were terrible, that is what the hospital is like. Matron is the one who runs the kids place in the hospital and she is so terrible and so mean. That makes it more tense when they go on the adventures.
I think the life lesson in the book is when you are sick or hurt there is still a way to be happy and live your dream. I think Tom is under a lot of pressure because he does not really fit in and his parents don’t pay attention to him. I feel kind of connected with this book because sometimes I do not really fit in and that is very stressful for me.

It is bad to teach horses bad habits?

I was riding Rosie on Sunday. She is so small and yet she is so fast. Rosie has a couple of bad habits, like she only canters for about a minute and not for enough time so you have to kick her. The second bad habit is after she canters she just goes back into the middle of the ring. Even though she has bad habits she is still a good horse, but not my favorite. My favorite is Dandy, although he had at least one bad habit. His bad habit is not wanting to wait in line. So once I was waiting in line to canter and he wanted to canter so every 10 seconds so I had to keep pulling on his reins. All animals have bad habits even us, but it is good not to teach them more. I ride at Bolder Brook Horse Back Riding Center. Do you ride? If you do, where do you ride and who is your favorite horse?????

The best restaurant in the world is…

Chat, it is a really good restaurant. Chat is a indoor, outdoor restaurant. That gives you many options to choose from. I would rate it a 4 star restaurant, because it is kind of loud. It is in the Scarsdale Village, and it is casual, and the theme color is red. 

Chat serves very good appetizers and for entrees they have pasta, ribs, a Caesar salads, and mac & cheese. The dessert is so good it goes from ice cream to cakes. They have a kids menu, nut and gluten free foods, and it is not very expensive, even though it has great foods.

I usually get pasta and I like to get a fizzy drink with it. I would recommend the ribs or any type of salad. I mean the pasta is good , but you can get better things there. I think the ribs there are the best. They’re crisp and tender at the right amount. If I were to give stars for the food I would give the pasta a 3, I would also give the salads there are a 3, and the ribs there are a 5.

The servers are fast to get the food and to take you orders. It is like they were on roller blades and they are very helpful. They helped me chose my food and they were very polite, the servers are very good and fast. They also ask you if you want to stay indoors or go outdoors.

I think Chat is a kid friendly place and has beautiful decor. I is not that fancy so it is a very comfortable place, it has not too dark but not very bright lights. If you want dim lights you can go outside and if you want bright lights you can stay inside. It is kind of loud, but it’s not that loud. It is just right. 🙂

I would go back there and I definitely would recommend it to you. I would go back because I think it is the just right place for me. I think if you are calm, relaxed, and if you don’t get to annoyed with noises that easily you should go there. 🙂