The Pool

Hi guys at the place we went to for vacation they had a really cool pool area. There is a water slide,  a kids hot tub, an adults hot tub, a splash area for younger kids, and of course a main pool. Me and my friends played basketball in the main pool for most of… Read more The Pool

Locked In

Hi guys. In my previous post about where I went for my vacation there was escape the room! We did the easier version and still failed to escape. We completed steps in the wrong order and might have also cheated. We could stick our hands in the draws so we did and got out things… Read more Locked In


Hi guys. For winter break we went on a three day trip with some friends to a resort called Woodloch. This year was our fifth year and we plan on going  again next year. I go with Chloe and her sister and their cousins. We were in room seven hundred forty-four. We have ended up… Read more Woodloch

My buddy

Hi guys! This year our buddy class is K-T which stands for kindergarten Mrs.Tanner’s class and my buddy’s name is Pedro. During the halloween parade Pedro held my hand and walked beside me the whole time and would not let go. It was so cute. Also every time before we have to leave the classroom… Read more My buddy

What I’m Doing For The Holidays With The Diaper Bank

Hi guys. As you know I’m doing the JLCW as my capstone project and for the holidays for the second year in a row I’m getting checks so I can purchase diapers instead of presents. I think it’s really fun to do this and I encourage you to try it for a year. Of course… Read more What I’m Doing For The Holidays With The Diaper Bank