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boy scout meeting
I had a boy scout meeting that is Weblos den only. The unit was art explosion. My boy scout book broke in the beginning-split in half literlarely. It was so much fun. We made a mobile of art. I really liked the meeting. (More)
Math problems
Expand. (a+b)(c+d)= a*(b+c)= Solve. If an triangle has side length 3 and 4, find the hypotenuse. Answers               ab+ac+bc+bd ab+ac 5 (More)
Welcome to 2016-2017
I am excited about the new school year because this year we are doing some very cool stuff for instance rocketry. We just started our rocketry project and we researched about Isaac Newton and the three laws of motions. Rocketry is fun because after w (More)

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