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Tech this year
Tech this year has been a blast, there was no tech in elementary school so tech was really fun. It was really fun because we made so many cool things that teach us many things. I am ready for (More)
Blog posts
This year in text we had to write 10 blog posts about anything we wanted. This has really engaged me with my blog and I think this has really helped me understand tech more. This showed me that I can write any time I feel like.   More)
This year in tech we have used hot glue guns. Hot glue guns are pretty helpful when it comes to helping but the BURN me!! I hate it when it burns but I have to suck it up because I had to use hot glue a lot in tech. Turns out when I was burnt some UN (More)
Tech’s biggest tools
In tech there are amazing things to help us. One of them is a syder machine, it lets us connect two things together. This is really helpful when we made our flashlights. Another one is the Saw. It helps to cut off pieces we don’t need. Lastly we have (More)
Syder person
This is my syder person. He is a pitcher about to throw a baseball. The steps to making a syder person is really easy. First we (More)
Our last project is Automata. That is when a thing does something that you want while turning a crank. Using Cams you can decide what you want the thing top do. For example, what I am doing is a Pokémon showdown where they are fighting while on a cir (More)
How to make a flash light
This post is going to about making a flashlight. First you make a design make sure that it is exact and matches what you are g (More)
My switches
  Today I finished, my switches. It was a lot of hard work but in the end I made switches that work. After this we are going to get to play a game that involves our switches. I used tin foil, cardboard, straws, popsicle sticks, and pipe c (More)
SMS Tech Safety
In tech class, we learned about about all of the rules. These are extremely important, if you don't follow them you can get seriously hurt. For example, the guy who did not tie his hair back. His hair got tied up and at to be cut off to get the machi (More)

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