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How it’s Made - Twizzlers
Today I watched a video on how twizzlers are made, and I actually learned a lot from it! Surprisingly enough, twizzlers do not contain any licorice root and are a made of wheat, sugar, food coloring, and flavoring. Then the mixture is cooked and it b (More)
Free building
After I finished the flashlight, I tried building some of the challenges. They were too hard, and I just couldn't build them. Before I knew it, the bell rang, and I couldn't build anymore. (More)
Flashlight (Final part)
I finished my flashlight! When I put the battery in, it turned on. I put the wiring in the flashlight, then hot glued the switch on. Then, I got to take it home. (More)
Flashlight (Part 4)
I finally got to solder, and I soldered all the wires together. I kind of failed at first, but I got better at it, but when I got it all together, the bell rang, so I couldn't take it home yet. (More)
Flashlight (Part 3)
After that, I decorated my flashlight and connected all the wires, all though I was going to have to solder it. The class ended again with me waiting for everybody to finish soldering. (More)
Flashlight (Part 2)
After finishing the diagram, I cut some pvc pipe with a saw into the correct size for the flashlight. Then, I drilled holes for where the switches and the LED lights will go. I got that much done before class ended. (More)
In tech, we learned how you can use a breadboard to light up lights. You can connect it in different ways, through the a and b ports or in the other ones. (More)
In class, we watched the video about how the soccer team in Thailand was exploring a cave when it started to rain. Soon, the cave was flooded, and the soccer team was trapped. They were finally able to get supplies through, and one of the problems th (More)
Technology #1
I started tech on Tuesday and so far, it has been really fun and scary at the same time. The people at my table are Nichole, Brody and Tyler. On the second day of tech, Mr. Calvert told us about the safety rolls inside the classroom. One of the rules (More)
Technology #2
today we were working on our designs for our charms. I did my initials which are VR. We used Vectornator to make our designs. Mr. Calvert showed us how to use the app to make our designs. (More)
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