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Technology #3
Today I printed out my design and I started soldering today. My design looks good so far and i am very happy. (More)
Technology #4
Today I finished soldering. I burned myself on my finger today, too. It hurt A LOT and my finger turned red, but in the end I was fine.< (More)
Technology #5
Today I started making my first switch. It is a board covered in tin foil and then there are two popsicle sticks on the sides. There is is a popsicle stick hot glued on top of both the popsicle sticks, connecting them. There is also a rubber band glu (More)
Technology #6
Today I started working on my second switch. It is a little simpler than my first switch but it still works. This switch is a see-saw. The part where people normally sit is covered in tinfoil. The board that the see-saw is on on is also covered in ti (More)
Technology #8
Today, we started making the blueprints for our water proof flashlights. My flash light design is a little hard to explain, so i am attaching a picture below. ‘ (More)
Technology #7
Today I started working on my third switch. My third switch is a diagonal board help up by four paper straws. There is a “basket” made out of small pieces of cardboard covered in tinfoil and there is a board holding everything up. There is a ball mad (More)
Technology #9
Today, I started making my paper with the measurements for my flashlight. I will probably start making my flashlight either on Thursday or on Friday. I think that drawing the measurements is the hardest part of the process because the measurements ha (More)
Making Our Cams #2
Today we finished our cams for our automatas. I am making a flying pig, I am so excited! Everyone’s are going to look amazing!! (More)
Intro to Tech - Post #1
Hi! I’m Siri. I’ve heard many good things about Technology, and that it is very fun. Although, I am a little nervous because I am scared that I will hurt myself using the tools. (More)
Start of Tech #1
I am so excited to continue tech as my 3rd quarterly. One the first day we went over all the safety rules. Then, on the second day we played Breakout. It ended in a tie, but I found the first clue for my team! It was a lot of fun. Tech is such an ama (More)
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