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Tech Post #1: Breakout Edu
Yesterday in Tech we did the Breakout Edu challenge. How it worked was we got a box with three locks on it: a direction lock, a word lock & a number lock. The tables on my side of the room were  a team and the tables one the other side of the roo (More)
Tech Post #2: Atoms
This week in tech we learned about atoms. In every atom there are electrons, neutrons, and protons.  The neutrons and protons are in (More)
Tech Post # 4: Switches
59769310574__9B31FCC6-9B4E-4576-B26F-EC153B4984CC More)
Tech Post #5: Mechanical Drawing
  Mechanical drawing isn’t like regular drawing. It’s much harder and much more precise. When you are mechanical sketching something y (More)
Tech Post #6: Flashlight Shapes
We were building our flashlights we had certain shapes to work with. We had... - 90˚ angle pipes, 45˚ angle pipes, double 90˚ angle pipes (two connected), ro (More)
Tech Post# 7: Flashlight Wiring
  In order to get the flashlight working we needed wires. The first thing we did was draw the wires in our mechanical sketch. (More)
Tech Post # 8: Soldering The Circuit
Switch video That is a video of my (More)
Tech Post # 9: Flashlight Decorating & The Finished Product!!
My flashlight in action! This is a p (More)
Tech Post #10: What I Learned This Qaurter!
This quarter I ha (More)
Tech Post #3: Soldering
This week in tech we started our soldering  unit. The first step was to think of ideas, but there was a catch, you could only use five wires. The next  step was to (More)

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