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June 1st - Electricity, Lesson 2: Early Thinking and What are Atoms Made of?
Two things before you start: 1. Remember: Use your Google Username in the Nearpod name field! Don't forget the number after your name. For example:   More)
June 3rd - Electricity, Project 1: Electroscopes
Make Your Own Electroscope  Make your own electroscope and blog about the results! Materials Needed: A balloon (Preferable) or plastic bottle A large paper clip A clear drinking glass Cardboard Tin foil Felt sheet or a sweat (More)
June 2nd - Electricity, Lesson 3: Atoms review and the electroscope
Hello Everyone! This video is a recording of today's zoom lesson if you missed it or would like to review the content   The Video Lesson     The Nucleus (More)
Project 1, April 28th-May 1st: Build a Better Beam
Hello everyone! Time to build something. The Flipgrids are linked on the bottom. Watch the instructions first (Important because I kind of changed the rules!!) Instructions: (Let me know if you have questions)   Step By Step I (More)
Engineering Lesson 1, April 24th: The Mechanical Properties of Materials
This is a narrated version of the live Zoom lesson that occurred on Friday, April 24th. You can complete this if you missed the class or want to reinforce the concepts. Remember: Use your Google Username in the Nearpod Name field! More)
Coronavirus vaccine article - Gavin Su
This article starts talking about Dr.Paul Stoffels and how he can find a possible cure for the corona virus. He is confident that he could find a vaccine for the virus that will work well and stay active. The company that he is currently working for (More)
My progress on waterproof flashlights #2
Currently in technology class I am still working on my waterproof flashlight. Today in class I just started doing my circuits and ended up finishing soldering my circuits. However, I did not measure my wires out which does mean I have to restart. Thi (More)
My thoughts on solder people
In class a couple weeks ago we all started out solder people. At first I had some trouble doing my solder person. The directions were a little confusing for me. I also had a little trouble with bending my solder person to the correct size I wanted it (More)
My progress on waterproof flashlights
In technology right now I am starting to make my waterproof flashlight, because I just finished my my picture diagram of my waterproof flashlight, which is drawn to scale. At first, while doing my waterproof flashlight I was a little confused and had (More)
Waterproof flashlights in Tech
Currently in tech class we have been brainstorming how we are going to make our waterproof flashlights. These waterproof flashlights are based off of an event that happened a few months ago. In which a teenage soccer team of Thai kids got stuck in a (More)
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