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what I should have told you a while ago to solder. That is the end of the sentence I started in the end of my last post. So first you have to shape your wire. Then you position it in the third hand (two clips to hold the wire). Once you have set everything up it is time to start sol (More)
The NEW big project❗️
You know I like to keep you in suspense about big projects, right?But you know I would tell you eventually, right? So here is the new big project: We are making automata! So far I am pretty much done with the inside of the box:More)
The breadboards are a way that people can test their circuits, once they have fully tested the circuit and it works they can print on a real breadboard so that they can fully work the circuit. Today we worked the breadboards and then I got 10 lights (More)
Self driving Cars
Yesterday we went over the topic of self driving cars. The first to invent a self driving car isn't tesla but google, google made a semi-autonomous self driving car. That means that it is not fully self driving but the driver has to take over some ti (More)
Testing My switches
Today we tested our switches by playing a game. In the game I was a driver a person told me which switch to turn on, my switches were connected to the Breadboard and lights so when I turned on my switch then the lights turned on. Our teacher counted (More)
Today i finished my switches, we use the switches to play this game. If we get a mistake then your out. It took me 3 days to finish my switches. I really hope I get the best time in the game/competition. (More)
Old town road
yesterday Mr.Calvert played old town road after we got a petition for old town road. we got 20 signatures. We also sang it and it was lots of fun. Thank you Mr.calvert (More)
First Tech Post
Hi this is Moha. This is my first post in tech. I'm writing about the Breakout that we did yesterday. The backstory and point of the breakout is this. So the custodians they clean up the room and they lock the safety glasses bin, this time they locke (More)
Making a Circuit
Yesterday we were making a circuit but I wasn't there, so Mathew told me what we did. You need to use a battery pack and then connect the wire to the switch then we take another wire and connect to the switch and the light bulb. Then you flip the swi (More)
Today we experimented with a battery, what we did was find the electrical charge, or the life of the battery. We did this by connecting the battery to these wires and the wire then passed the electrical charge to the machine and then the machine dete (More)
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