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This is my blog post for the year, and I would say that I am proud of what I accomplished this year. I have learned many things and people and it's been a great year. Although the end of the year wasn't the best, I still really enjoyed this school ye (More)
June 4
With everything that is going on, the world seems to be one pause. 2020 seems to be like a movie that you don’t want to be in. In reality we are making history. I don’t know if things will ever go back to the way they were, and I’m not sure if they s (More)
Tech: May 28
Today I’m going to be talking about recycling certain plastics. Specifically, ones that are harder to recycle. Some materials are harder to recycle like Styrofoam and soft plastics, but t we use these a lot. For example many restaurants put their tak (More)
I would recycle my plastic in a different, but it depends where I would have to recycle the plastic. Specifically, I would not want to drive for hours just to recycle some of my plastic. However, if there are places I could recycle my plastic that is (More)
May 21
Hi! In this blog post I will be talking about plastics. Specifically the different types of plastics and how they are used. I use plastic 5 the most. I use reusable plastic 5 containers a lot, for example when I used to bring lunch to school. I also (More)
In this post I will be talking about the evolution of materials. We talked about this in class. We noted what materials are more used now, and what they replaced, specifically plastic. Many containers are made of plastic that used to made of glass. N (More)
5/14 blog post
For this blog post I chose to talk about current day technology. Specifically, I'll be talking about AI or artificial intelligence. I chose to talk about this topic because AI is on the rise and more and more people are using it. According to an arti (More)
Nature Protection Laws
Hi! In this blog post I be talking about the laws on harvesting timber. Different states have different laws on deforestation and harvesting timber for environmental reasons. Most of these laws are about how many trees have to be left, and how many n (More)
Tree video question blog
In this post I will be answering the first question. This question asks what Someone would do with their forest land if someone wasn’t harvesting trees. I think that the smartest thing to do with forest land is too grow crops in empty land. I think t (More)
Zoom participation
Hi! In this blog post I will be talking about how boys tend to participate in zoom more often than girls, and how girls tend to write emails. I think that their can be many reasons why this happens, but a lot depends on each individual. Some people l (More)
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