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3D Printing - Possibilities and Impacts
3D printing has changed the way things are manufactured. I looked around my house to find things that thought may have been 3D (More)
Timber Harvest
Through the help from four videos about timber harvest, I was able to learn a lot about how timber was harvested in the past and about how it is harvested now. Before watching these videos, I was curious about how enormous trees were cut down before (More)
I think building something means that you are taking an idea or creation that you thought of and you make it a reality. In other words, I think when you build something you’re taking and making it something real that you can use. I think that somethi (More)
Here’s the question I’m going to be answering today... If you are throwing away plastics because your town recycling won’t take them, but you found out that there are places you could bring those plastics to recycle them, would you? And here is m (More)
Ok, so today I’m going to talk about plastics. There are 7 types of plastics, which are all different. Some strong, some flimsy, but anyway, here are some thoughts on them. Some plastics seem more common than others. Here I have 5 piles of different (More)
How are things invented?
Here’s something I’ve always wondered; how are things invented? I just wonder how some things were invented, like rocking chairs, or phones. I know it sounds simple, like, “Phones were invented because somebody said to themselves, we need a mobile co (More)
Lumber Laws
Today, I’m going to be talking about the laws on restricting the timber industry. Right now, some states have laws the require the timber industry to protect the environment and replant the land. These laws state, “...replant the site within two year (More)
Why boys speak up more than girls
Honestly, I don’t feel that there is any specific reason. I don’t think it’s like boys are more bold than girls or anything like that, I think that it’s just random chance and there just happens to be more boys who speak up than girls. If that isn’t (More)
7th grade tech: Talking about building
Hi, I’m Alexander, and I’m here to talk about building. I feel to “build something” is to put two or more things together to form something else. It doesn’t have to be much different, but it has to be different. I have built stuff before, such as thi (More)

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