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One thing that I learned was that one of the first musical sounds/ instruments were wood hitting wood. Also to make something like a djembe which is made of wood will require lots of work and other things made of wood. If you combine wood and a polis (More)
Intro to tech 7
Last year with Mr.Calvert we built many different projects and they were all very cool, especially with the solder man and the circuits, but my all time favorite was an outside project that I did with Mr.Calvert and other people. I made a Wolverine c (More)
Making my box was such a fun project. Now that the quarter is over I no longer have tech. Here is what the box looked like in the end: More)
What I did in the final days of tech
My box is finished and I will make a blog post about the entire process but this post is about what I did since my last post.   My box after flocking After hinges I (More)
Lockdown and polycrilic
Yesterday I did 4/5 coats of polycrilic. That was done between lunch and class. More)
Stained at lunch!!!
In class today I didn’t end up doing any work on the box because there were to big lines to use tools and we were making a plan of the next 10 days.  That’s right. We only have 10 days left.   I was going to come at lunch anyways but it ma (More)
Top is off
Today I cut the top off. Now I will need to sand that edge a little. Then I can’t stain. More)
Done routing
I finished routing today. It is were you add a decorative edge to the box. Here is what it looks like now: But we received some b (More)
All glued❗️
That is the good news. The bad news is that now I have nothing to do the rest of the period, so its time for a blog post! Yesterday, when I saw my glued (sides, front & back) box it looked perfect! Well almost, some of the connections weren’t st (More)
Resolved the problem with gluing
When I cam in to day to fix the piece that dint glue, I turned out that there was the same problem with another section. I was able to fix it and it is now drying in the vise. here are the steps I used to fix it: Use the palm sander to  sand the (More)
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