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Post 5/14
What I find interesting about the modern world are optics. Optical illusions trick our brains into thinking stuff that are not actually there, and it’s weird and creepy. Our brains, when we see something, receives a message about what that thing i (More)
Recyclables 5/21
Plastic bottles are made from PET, bleach containers are made out of HDPE, and plastic bags are made from LDPE. The properties of PET is standard for plastic consumption bottles because the plastic is very food safe and is hard enough to not be fl (More)
6/4 Blog
I guess since quarantine started, I’ve been getting bored at home, so every weekend, I would have an hour of time dedicated to Minecraft, and playing the game is quite fun. Though it’s satisfying to see that you’ve won three times in a row, I had (More)
Recycling Plastics
If your town didn’t recycle a certain plastic, but another town a decent distance away did, would you go there to recycle the plastic, or throw it away at home? I think that it's best not to toss your plastic without thinking too much about the en (More)
Zoom Calling
So recently, the outbreak of COVID-19 has infected a lot of people. And now it is severe enough to be a medical emergency for the entire world, which means that sadly, we have to be kept indoors in quarantine. Even though we have more freedom, we sti (More)
To Build Things
I think that “to build things” means, to apply your knowledge in order to start a project where you add components and solve problems until the result is obtained. This can include coding, engineering, and also straight up taking things from your gar (More)
Just checking in!
Hi! Lately at home we have been a bit bored but usually keeping ourselves busy with work and games outside the house. Wellness week was a great time to relax and really reflect on the past month. Hope everyone is well! (More)
Post #7- How I’m doing at home
Since the quarantine is going a lot longer than expected, I have been home all day long. As a result, I have been learning to make slinkies out of paper and I have read a lot of books. Even though it has been boring at times, I have explored new hobb (More)
Materials Inside & Outside the House
These past couple of weeks have been tough for everyone but I hope we have all been able to be busy with schoolwork and other things. Around my house, I was able to find  screw driver a hammer and a drill. I was also able to find some smaller objects (More)
Post #6- Resources around the house
Since technology class has been delayed due to Corona Virus, we have been assigned to look around the house and find materials for building. What I found is: paper tape scissors pencil measuring tape ruler drawing app craft (More)
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