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I love Cats!!
I love cats and I have one!!! (More)
Do You Think I Should Keep On Writing This Story?
  Chapter 1 The Secret   Pa had always said be grateful for what you have but I was curious. I was know cinderella, I wanted to find out more, and like everyone said I was Riley Shay and it was great me. Growing up never really (More)
It's Going To be my Birthday!!!!!!!
It’s going to be my Birthday on Sunday April 2!!!!   (More)
Girls Travel Basketball
Girls Travel Basketball By: Jackie Kershner and Juliana Chavis   During the winter at Greenacres has always had Rec  basketball games and practices. We have always had  Rec basketball but why not travel, this question was not answered u (More)
I Like Art
I Play Soccer And Love It
I Play Basketball And Love It
Top 5 Things About Me
Top 5 Things About Me    I am the oldest out of two kids.   I moved from manhattan to Scarsdale the summer before third grade.   I have a cat named Milo.   I am in the fourth grade.   (More)
Hello everyone
Hello everyone! I'm a student in New York in 5th grade. My name is Mitchell and I like to play and watch Hockey and Basketball. I'm a big fan of the New York Rangers and Knicks. I am also interested in science like tinker town a program that includes (More)
Starting My Blog!
Hi my name is Imaan and welcome to my blog. I am a 5th grade student in Scarsdale. I am really exited to be blogging. I will be posting things like daily tips, cooking recipes, and other sorts of information. I hope you enjoy my blogs, and comment:) (More)
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