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I love Cats!!
I love cats and I have one!!! (More)
Do You Think I Should Keep On Writing This Story?
  Chapter 1 The Secret   Pa had always said be grateful for what you have but I was curious. I was know cinderella, I wanted to find out more, and like everyone said I was Riley Shay and it was great me. Growing up never really (More)
It's Going To be my Birthday!!!!!!!
Itā€™s going to be my Birthday on Sunday April 2!!!!   (More)
Girls Travel Basketball
Girls Travel Basketball By: Jackie Kershner and Juliana Chavis   During the winter at Greenacres has always had Rec Ā basketball games and practices. We have always had Ā Rec basketball but why not travel, this question was not answered u (More)
I Like Art
I Play Soccer And Love It
I Play Basketball And Love It
Top 5 Things About Me
Top 5 Things About Me   Ā I am the oldest out of two kids.   I moved from manhattan to Scarsdale the summer before third grade.   I have a cat named Milo.   I am in the fourth grade.   (More)
Starting My Blog!
Hi my name is Imaan and welcome to my blog. I am a 5th grade student in Scarsdale. I am really exited to be blogging. I will be posting things like dailyĀ tips, cooking recipes, and other sorts of information. I hope you enjoy my blogs, and comment:) (More)
Hi I am Dhruv!!!
My name is Dhruv. I am in 5th grade. I live in Scarsdale, New York. I expect this blog to be good and not bad. I am exited about blogging. (More)

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