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Unique Octopuses!!!
There are so many different types of octopus. They all can do different unique things. Some are the mimic octopus, the algae octopus, the hairy octopus, and the coconut octopus. The coconut octopus gets its name from its habit of hiding in empty c (More)
My New Puppy!
              Hi guys, I have some really exciting news! I am getting a puppy on Friday. I am going to drive to Massachusetts with my family and pick her up. She is a Wheaten Terrier, and her name will (More)
Introducing Charlie!
Hey guys, I have some very exciting news! On January 14 my family got a new addition to the family.  A new puppy! He is a Mini Labradoodle. His name is Charlie and he is adorable! My sister and I have been begging for a dog and now we finally have on (More)
‘Keep your claws off those cat paws’ may soon be New Jersey's message to vets
In the article, Keep your claws off those cat paws may soon be New Jersey's message to vets, New Jersey thinks it is cruel to declaw a cat leading to a ban on (More)
Cats, a history: Grain guards, Egyptian gods, Garfields and Grumpy Cat
In this article it talked about the history of cat’s and how they were tamed and how cats help us in many ways that we may or may not know. I’m notici (More)

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