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Capstone 5
My main question is Is video games art? Many people say that but than the definition of art is creativity and ideas  made by mankind. So, doesn't this prove that video games are art? One example is "Simply expressed, you can put a movie in a video ga (More)
Jack House
 This is my Jack House. I made it out of different colored paper. I also used scissors and glue. There is a dog in this picture (More)
My Jack House
This is my Jack House. It stands for, Noam's ninja academe in Minecraft. We used scrap paper on a big blue paper. (More)
My Bird Drawing
This is my White Tailed Sea Eagle. I drew this because I had to study about any bird and I chose Eagles. A fact I learned is their claws are called talons. Then we made a book about our birds. More)
Bird Art
This is my clay bird. I made this bird out of clay. I  I used the colors of a phoenix bird. A phoenix bird rises form the ashes, a (More)
My Poison Dart Frog drawing
This is my Poison Dart Frog drawing. It was made because I was making a book about Poison Dart (More)
Komodo Dragon drawing
This is my Komodo dragon Drawing. It was made for the book that I made. The book is called All ab (More)
My Picasso Face
 This is my Picasso face. I made it in art. We made a draft out of paper. Then we made is out of foam. It wasn't too thick. I s (More)
My Reptile
This is the chameleon I drew in art class. It is using it's tongue to catch a bug. (More)
My Picasso Face
In April, we made our Picasso faces. I made mine with cool colors which can be green, blue and purple. I added different shades of all these colors. Then we carved it into foam. More)
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