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All About Me
Hi! My name is Remy. I love art, sports, and baking.  I am seven years old. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite thing to make for  dessert is strawberry shortcake with extra whipped cream. I live with my mom, brother, and dad. I  like to travel to (More)
I'm back!
It's Yuze. I'm back, and I changed a lot. In 2nd grade I wrote some blogs. Now I am smarter and I am writing more blogs now in 4th grade. In my blogs I am going to write about some of my favorite things and projects in school. My favorite color (More)
Parent Coffee - Blogging in 3rd Grade
The Scarsdale School District has purchased a blogging platform to create a common base of knowledge and writing experiences for students, in line with the Teachers College Reading & Writing Project curriculum.  Students will begin to develop dig (More)
Who Am I ?
Hi I am Ariella  and I just started blogging as a 5th grader and I want to tell you a little bit about what my blogs are going to be about. I love books and reading so you might see me blogging about the books I read. Also I like singing and dancing (More)
Educator Blogs
Many of your colleagues have begun researching how to use blogs in the classroom. Take a look at what they've done so far. 5th Grade David Besancon's Blog More)
Microblogging and blogging units
Please use the unit guides below to introduce blogging to your students. Twitter Lessons Draft More)
Science Day 1
In this lesson, I learned what an engineer was, and what technology was. I realized that there is a lot of technology in the world, and I didn't even know it! I predict that my water filter will have a few fails before it works. One thing I enjoyed d (More)
My fifth grade memoir
  Greatest Time Ever By Noam Altman   That was the most fun I had ever had in a very long time. Our counselors played music on the speaker and turned the lights off, making everything seem so dramatic. Then, they said in almost per (More)
Bud Not Buddy
Meeting my father for the first time in my life is an experience I would never forget. I don't think Bud will either.After a hard long journey Bud has finally arrived in Grand Rapids to meet his father. I'm so surprised that he didn't cry the second (More)
Bud Not Buddy
I think that Bud cautious. He always a checks things before he does stuff. His strategy is to find out as much information about the person he is confronting before acting. For example. He met a man who was a little strange. Bud told him that he had (More)
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