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Hi! Fly Guy Book Review
I would give The Best Friendship Award to the Fly Guy series. Let me explain why. One weird part was when they first met each other by accident. Fly Guy bonked Buzz on the nose. Then, Buzz purposely trapped him so that he wouldn't get away. Fly Guy k (More)
A to Z Mysteries The Haunted Hotel Book Review
Do you like books that have mysteries? If so, you should read A-Z mysteries! You should read The Haunted Hotel! This book in the series should get the best mystery book award. In this story, there is a haunted hotel. Every person that has stayed at (More)
Miss Daisy Is Still Crazy! Book Review
Do you like funny books? Then, you should read Ms. Daisy Is Still Crazy and it should win The Weirdest Book Award. One funny and weird part is the cover of the book. The classroom teacher Ms. Daisy is chasing the kids with something in her hand. Isn' (More)
Ms.Joni is a Phony! Book Review
Do you love super funny books? My Weirder School is a very funny series, especially Mrs. Jonie is a Phonie! I would give it The Funniest Book Award. It is about Picture Day at A.J.'s  school. Mrs. Jonie is a famous photographer who comes to A.J.'s s (More)
the Battle of the Dragon's Temple Book Review
If you like books with loads of adventures in just one story, then you should read The Battle To The Dragon Temple. This book should get the best adventure book award. The main characters are Ponix and Xexder.  Xexder is pretty bad at fighting and   (More)
Miss Lanely Is Zany! Book Review
 Do you like books that are funny? Then, you should read the My Weird School Daze series. Miss Laney is Zany (Book #8) should get The Funniest Book Award. One funny part is when Ryan and A.J. have speech class in the girls bathroom and they are boys (More)
Whatever After Fairest Of All Book Review
Do you know about the series Whatever After? If you don't, then you should try this magical and fun series.  I think it deserves The Fairy Tale Mix Up Award. The main characters are Abby and her younger brother Jona.  They travel into different fairy (More)
The Hardy Boys The Secret Of The Old Mill Book Review
Do you like books with friendship and crime? If so, you should read The Hardy Boys. I think The Hardy Boys should get The Friendship Award. The main characters are pFrank and Joe Hardy and they are brothers who are like best friends. My favorite par (More)
The Hardy Boys Series Book Review
Anybody who likes lively adventure stories, packed with mystery and action, will want to read every one of The Hardy Boys stories! The Hardy Boys help solve many thrilling cases during vacations and after school. I think this book should get the best (More)
Mr. Sunny Is Funny! Book Review
Do you like stories with mischief and troublemakers? Well, if you do, then you should read My Weird School. One of the best books in this series is Mr. Sunny is Funny! This book should earn The Most Silly Book Award. It is about silly things that hap (More)
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