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Computer Tech Post #3
I liked Meera’s music video. I liked her video because I think its cool how she coded the sprites so they come on and off stage. I also liked how she changed her soundtrack as different sprites were on stage. I liked the end because she coded a sound (More)
Computer Tech Post #4
This level was actually pretty easy. One of the hardest parts about this level was trying to figure out what position the sprite would be in when it came out of the portal.More)
Computer Tech Post #1
My about me includes a picture of me jumping, because I am very silly, a picture of my dog, Sherlock, because I love him. It also includes a basketball because I like to play basketball, five people because there are five members in my family, a micr (More)
Computer Tech Post #2
I thought that it was really cool how they all support the idea that everyone can code. I feel like coding can be easy if you just know a few things. For example, I only used Scratch once or twice last year and when I started my Scratch project this (More)

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