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Drita, My homegirl
My class just finished the book we were reading,Ā Drita, My Homegirl.Ā It was aĀ REALLYĀ good. In the part where Maxie vists Drita's mother in the hospital, I think the reason why Maxie was so serious while everybody was laughing is because she knows (More)
Drita My Homegirl
My class just read a book calledĀ Drita my homegirl.Ā We read it with our school librarian. The book has two different perspectives. One is about a girl called Drita who moves to the U.S.A. She came from a country with a war. Her mom is worried about h (More)
The Hunger Games
On tuesday my mom got me a book from the libary called The Hunger Games. New favourite book. the book is about 12 districts who every reaping day send two tributes to fight in the Hunger Games. this is orded by the capitol as punishment. A long time (More)
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