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I Baked an Apple Cake!
I baked an apple cake with my brother and mom. I will write the manner. You need two eggs, flour100g, baking powder 1 teaspoon, sugar 100g, butter 100g and 2 APPLES. Put in the bowl, two eggs,flour,baking powder,sugar and butter. And mixed! (More)
All about Yasmin!
Hi! My name is Yasmin. I have a little sister named Annika (she's annoying but sweet). My talents are playing the piano and the cello. I also play in exams, competions and recitas. I LOVE to ice cream (Any flavor) but HATE vegetables. I was born in A (More)
The new Disney movie, Moana!
Has anyone watched the new Disney movie, Moana? I watched with my kindergarten buddy and her brothers! I think it is my favorite animated movie I have ever watched! The storyline is so  interesting and creative and the songs sound really good. If you (More)
I love school. The best part about it is orchestra, math, and P.E. In orchestra I love it so much because I am more advanced in violin, so it's really easy for me which then makes it incredibly fun. I love math because I'm pretty good at it too. Last (More)
This is My World - Have Fun!
Hello my name is Katherine, but people call me Kate. I have a little sister, Elizabeth and a cat named Wellington. My favorite thing to do is art, like drawing and fashion. I also like sewing. My favorite thing to do at school is Makerspace and lunch (More)
New Year = New Fun
Everyone is happy that it is a new year because they will try new things or get better at it. There is always a plan for what you will get better every year. This year I went to Miami the day after Christmas and celebrated new years there. I had fun (More)
Winter Break
Over vacation I went to Miami. When I got there it was late at night, so we ate dinner when we got to the hotel. The next day, we went to the beach, but the bad part about the beach was there was a lot of jelly fish. So, I tried to go not that far in (More)
I love doing dance. I do Jazz and ballet.  Ballet is my favorite thing to do because you have a pretty dress and point shoes. I always wanted to be on point shoes. So, every time I go to ballet I try my best! That is really my talent. (More)
Hello And Welcome to Blog #2:Life Series#1
Hello and welcome back to blogs with Quinton!!! So I'm thinking about starting a new series about my life. So if your enjoying this series leave a comment, leave something letting me know that you are. Okay so for our first one together I'm going to (More)
Hello World!
Hel (More)
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