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I Like Sports!
Who likes football? I love football. Football is my most favorite sport.  Football is super cool!!!!!!!! These are the teams in NFL (I like New England Patriots.). More)
All About Me
My name is Alex and I'm the middle child of three boys. My older brothers name is Adrian and my younger brother's name is Andre. My mom's name is Martha and she is from Cuba, and my dad's name is Brendan and he is from Australia. My favorite thing to (More)
More Pugs
turbo pugs bee pug   (More)
Friday the 13th
Whats up with Friday the 13th? Apart from being a movie It's not actually not that bad. While I am writing this my teacher is dolling out popcorn, and Friday the 13th is when my sister was born P.s I didn't copy Tak 🙂 (More)
Happy 2017!
I love New Years. You get to stay up late, go to parties, and watch the ball drop. My favorite part is that every New Years Eve I always go to Massachusetts and ski. Sometimes on New Years my family and I go out to dinner and sometimes we stay home a (More)
Welcome to my World
Hi, my name is Thomas I am 10 years old. I live in New York. I have three siblings, one sister and two brothers. My oldest brother is Henry he is 16 and a sophomore in high school, my sister is Lily she is 15 and she is a freshman in high school, and (More)
Vehicle favorites
Does anyone have a favorite vehicle? I don't! I like all of them. I like helicopters a lot. They might be my favorite! Or, maybe you like cars. I like them. Or, you might like planes. Those are only a few though. There are a lot (More)
Busy Bee!
On Jan. 28, I am going to be busy. I have the school play, Peter Pan, which has two shows. Later I have my Remixx dance show. I hope some of you can come. (More)
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