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E-Learning Monday April 13th
Good Morning and Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed Wellness Week. I saw many great posts about your activities and adventures-thank you for sharing that with me.  This week is filled with new, exciting learning opportunities as you will be (More)
Fractions, Fractions, and More Fractions!
Now that we have completed the “Four Operations of Whole Numbers” Unit, we have immersed ourselves in the study of fractions. We began this unit with a special guest teacher. Our district’s math helping teacher, Nancy Pavia, kindly provided us with a (More)
Math problems
Expand. (a+b)(c+d)= a*(b+c)= Solve. If an triangle has side length 3 and 4, find the hypotenuse. Answers               ab+ac+bc+bd ab+ac 5 (More)

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