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Making With Less
I recently had the opportunity to present at a conference in Puerto Rico. The conference was focused on restructuring education in Puerto Rico to have a focus on Design Thinking and Project Based Learning. I was the elementary contingent of our team (More)
The Weekend DUN DUN DUN
My weekend was amusing. I lost to a double AA team. You might think that that's bad but we lost 1-0 to a team that was a division ahead of us so I think it's good. What wasn't so fun is I had a hockey game in Millbrooke and it took 1 hour and 30 m (More)
I'm back!
It's Yuze. I'm back, and I changed a lot. In 2nd grade I wrote some blogs. Now I am smarter and I am writing more blogs now in 4th grade. In my blogs I am going to write about some of my favorite things and projects in school. My favorite color (More)
I am reading  the book Stargirl in my book club. It is SO good! Even though it is challenging and a little confusing it is a great book to read. I am so close to finishing and can't to see what happens next. When I finish it I will definitely blog ab (More)
Recent Things That Have Been Happening
So I've mainly been blogging about school. Now, I'll blog about myself:   In November, I had a piano recital. About a week after that, I had a Peter Pan show. (I was in cast B, act 1, playing Captain Hook) After that, it was winter (More)
These are videos we made on biteable about our friend's passion. (More)
Hi sorry I haven't been posting lately but today I will talk about tennis and why it helps me and my favorite strokes and since how long I have been doing it for. I have been playing tennis since I was 3. I am a lefty so my favorite stroke is backhan (More)
My Memoir
This is my memoir that wrote about camp. My Post Hike Day, Old Shower House, Fiesta By Rachel   I love my sleep-away camp. It is a place where you can be yourself and have fun with your friends all the time. I wouldn’t know what (More)
Columbia University's Makerspace
This summer I was fortunate to be invited to tour the makerspace/design labs of Teacher’s College Columbia University with a colleague.  Our host was Richard Jochum, professor of art and art education as well as the visionary who wrote the curric (More)
Four Reasons I Use Twitter in My Classroom
Using Twitter in my classroom has certainly elevated my tech savvy status with parents as well as my instagramming 5th graders who have never known a world without digital devices. We live in a very social world, so why not use social media in the (More)
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