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Making With Less
I recently had the opportunity to present at a conference in Puerto Rico. The conference was focused on restructuring education in Puerto Rico to have a focus on Design Thinking and Project Based Learning. I was the elementary contingent of our team (More)
The Weekend DUN DUN DUN
My weekend was amusing. I lost to a double AA team. You might think that that's bad but we lost 1-0 to a team that was a division ahead of us so I think it's good. What wasn't so fun is I had a hockey game in Millbrooke and it took 1 hour and 30 m (More)
I'm back!
It's Yuze. I'm back, and I changed a lot. In 2nd grade I wrote some blogs. Now I am smarter and I am writing more blogs now in 4th grade. In my blogs I am going to write about some of my favorite things and projects in school. My favorite color (More)
I am reading  the book Stargirl in my book club. It is SO good! Even though it is challenging and a little confusing it is a great book to read. I am so close to finishing and can't to see what happens next. When I finish it I will definitely blog ab (More)
Recent Things That Have Been Happening
So I've mainly been blogging about school. Now, I'll blog about myself:   In November, I had a piano recital. About a week after that, I had a Peter Pan show. (I was in cast B, act 1, playing Captain Hook) After that, it was winter (More)
My Lacrosse Season
Lacrosse is my favorite sport. I play all year round. But during the winter I  play a different version of lacrosse, it's called box lacrosse. Box lacrosse is indoor, has smaller fields and has 4 by 4 goals instead of 6 by 6 goals like normal lacross (More)
Hi I am Charlie I like playing basketball. I am On three teams. The teams are Tornadoes, Rec basketball, and I play for T.I.C. I am a Knicks fan. Hopefully they can win some more games. I also do fantasy basketball with my friends. I hope that I can (More)
These are videos we made on biteable about our friend's passion. (More)
Hi sorry I haven't been posting lately but today I will talk about tennis and why it helps me and my favorite strokes and since how long I have been doing it for. I have been playing tennis since I was 3. I am a lefty so my favorite stroke is backhan (More)
I have a lot of passions, but one of my favorite is skiing. Since it is the winter, the skiing season hasn't ended yet. I know we're going to go skiing sometime and can't wait for it. (More)
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