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2020 Poetry Festival - Part II
The Poetry Festival is an annual tradition at Heathcote School. 2020 has kept the tradition going... In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, school closure, and e-learning, the Heathcote community of students and teachers forged ahead, studied poet (More)
2020 Poetry Festival - part 1
The 2020 Heathcote Poetry Festival is almost here. Students have been working on their poetry and now they are beginning to add art to it. Every class has a Padlet poetry wall. In grades K-1 students may be uploading pictures of poems they write, (More)
E-Learning Monday April 13th
Good Morning and Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed Wellness Week. I saw many great posts about your activities and adventures-thank you for sharing that with me.  This week is filled with new, exciting learning opportunities as you will be (More)
E-Learning Friday April 3rd
Good morning! Happy Heathcote Spirit Day! Go Huskies! Ms. Stile e-mailed something special to your parents this morning. Be sure to ask them about it!  I think you will love this surprise!  This morning we have a special Zoom session with M (More)
E-Learning Tuesday March 31
Good morning!  It was great to have 100% attendance in our Zoom session this morning! Thank you all for showing up. I’ve loved looking at your work today - so many thoughtful responses to the See,Think,Wonder, several beautiful heart maps and deta (More)
I am a Sunflower
I am sitting in Scarsdale at Heathcote school in the garden In the deep dirt hide my roots   I am a Sunflower   The warm breezy wind on this sunny day is blowing my leaves around   I am a Sunflower   Oh (More)
Writing Poetry
Recently we have been writing poetry.  We considered thoughtful descriptions, figurative language, line breaks and punctuation.  It has been fun sharing our poems; listening to each others' has inspired even more poems to be written.   Tree Sta (More)
If I were in Charge of the World
This is a poem inspired by Judith Voirst:   If I were  in charge of the world I’d cancel homework, Mean girls, Wars, and also Donald Trump.   If I were in charge of the world There’d be Unicorns, Mermaids, and (More)
Fantastical Animal Poem: Flying Sadound
Flying Sadound   Do you know of the Flying Sadound? She is so shy, She never makes a sound, But don’t be sure, That when you see her She will be quiet, When you clap your hands, She will recite her plans, To get rid (More)
My Caine's Arcade Final Reflection
At school we do something called Caine's Arcade. We build arcade games out of cardboard and household materials. This is my final reflection for Caine's Arcade. Final Caine’s Arcade Reflection   At Caine’s Arcade I learned many things a (More)
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