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The Amazing Octopus!
Hi guys! Welcome to my blog! I was reading a National Geographic magazine at school. In the magazine, there was an article about octopuses. It was pretty interesting! Did you know that there was suc (More)
Octopus can shape - shift and camouflage to get away from predators. Octopus have inc sacks, they release the inc when they are threatened. Octopus have suction cups on their tentacles to help them grip rocks and other things he needs to move with. T (More)
The Octopus can shape-shift, camouflage. One type of a octopus is a coconut octopus. This coconut octopus hides in coconut shells to avoid predators. Octopus's see a diver as a threat so they squirt away leaving cloud of ink.  Octopus's have 8 tentac (More)
Breakout EDU #2
Hi guys! Today, I will be talking about the 2nd time that I did Breakout EDU. If you read my last post, the one called, "Breakout EDU" then you would know how you play (More)
breakout EDU
this week we did this thing called breakout EDU. we all as a class had to work together and try to break into a box. the were five locks. one needed a key, two of them needed a word and the rest needed n (More)
Breakout EDU
Hi guys! Today we will be talking about an exciting game that we played in school called Breakout EDU. Breakout EDU is an exciting game where you find clues around the room to unlock 1 of the locks on (More)
Breakout EDU
Breakout is a task where you have to break into a box in a limited time. My class had 45 minutes to break into the the small box. You have to use team work, and listen to your classmates. There were different clues hidden in the class room showing ho (More)
Scarsdale Pool Kayaking Trip
              Today in this post I will be talking about going Kayaking. Did you know that the life vest is not going to save your life it can suffocate you, if you put it on incorrectly.  It's actually not called a life vest it is called  a personal (More)
 This is the logo for Breakout EDU this was good practice for teamwork we also only had 45 minuites to open the box there were about 4 or 5 locks. We (More)
My Review on the Kayaking and Paddle Boarding!
Last Monday our class went to a place called the Scarsdale pool. Almost the whole place was closed for us because we were going kayaking there! each stain at the pool had a different kayaking (More)
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