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4 Blog post 7th
Recently I have been working on my box. Since my last post I have finished cutting all of my wood, I worked on making small cuts, and sanded all of the sides of my box. I have also glued together my 4 sides and sanded them with the belt sander. In th (More)
Technology Post 3
Today in class we learned how to light up a light bulb. We used three wires, a switch, a battery, and a light bulb. First we had to attach one wire to the light bulb, next we attached that wire to the switch. The we attached one of the wires from the (More)
Dash And Dot Project
Dash And Dot Reflection We, (Jackie and Elliot,) worked together to try to close Chris’s locker. This was a very challenging goal for us. All together we think we did a great job but there were some difficulties along the way. What we wan (More)
A coconut octopus looks like a conch shell, but it is a coconut octopus. A coconut octopus is camouflage. So when it comes onto the sand it turns grey. Their body is the size of our thumb. Their arms are 3 times as much as their body. When they see s (More)
Unique Octopuses!!!
There are so many different types of octopus. They all can do different unique things. Some are the mimic octopus, the algae octopus, the hairy octopus, and the coconut octopus. The coconut octopus gets its name from its habit of hiding in empty c (More)
Kayaking at the Scarsdale pool!
This Monday my class went to the Scarsdale pool to learn how to paddle and kayak. It was part of our P.E. class. Before we went we had to learn how to get into the boats, how to hold t (More)
Last week on Friday, my class and our computer teacher did Breakout EDU. We only had 45 minutes and  WE went across the hall from out classroom and then our computer teacher taught us how to play. First we (More)
Our second Breakout!
This week our class had a second Breakout EDU. We wanted to see what we would do differently from last time. Last time we were all talking at once, this time instead of doing that we all listened to each other. We also did take things out of peoples (More)
Are you a fan of Frankie and Fanucci's?
Are you a fan of Frankie and Fanucci's? Well, I am! This restaurant has the most delicious pizza. They serve so many different types like plain pizza, Margarita, Popeye, Spicy Sausage Caramelized Onion, Shroo (More)
Amazing Octopuses
There are so many types of octopus. Some of the octopuses are the mimic octopus, the coconut octopus, the algae octopus, and the hairy octopus. The mimic octopus spreads its arms out to look like jelly It can also bunch its arms together and look (More)
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