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My House Is Important To Me Because.......
My House Is The Best Place In My Life By: Jackie Kershner   My house is the best place in my life, It fits me perfectly, I’m guessing your house may be perfect for you too! My house is the best place in my life because my kitchen is a s (More)
My Poems
Hate That Homework Boring, and boring, and boringer It stinks and takes up my time Brain is whooshing with things that wouldn’t have to be there If homework Was saved   So much depends upon…..   So much depends u (More)
My Writing
The Night Of Terror By: Jackie Kershner   It was Halloween and I, Bella, was going to prove to  my twin brother Jack that he was a scaredy cat. I know it sounds wrong, but with what happened last year, it’s time get revenge! I was goin (More)
Kids Should Be Able To Have Desks!!!
Kids Should Be Able To Have Desks At School By: Jackie Kershner   Some people say that kids having their own desks prevents them from learning, but it doesn’t. In fact, having your own desk does the opposite. Even though getting twenty (More)
Best Calm Music Ever (More)
 In the chapter I just finished reading Edmund has gone into Narnia into a wardrobe and was close from the entry way when he saw the  "Queen" of Narnia. His first thought was to run away. He doesn’t, at first the queen scream at him. Next, Edmund (More)
SeedFolks: Florance
Tonight for homework we were assigned to read the final chapter of Seed Folks. The chapter was called Florence. The first part of the chapter Florence would walk every single days. Florence would also always stop at the community garden. In the middl (More)
SeedFolks: Sam
I just finished reading the chapter “Sam” in seed folks. I think Sam is a kind person. I think this because he smiles and says hi to everyone who are different colors, religions, or is different about them! (More)
SeedFolks: Sae Young
In the book Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman, I just finished reading a chapter from Sae Young’s point of view. Sae Young is from Korea, she is for sure not the best at speaking english because in the chapter there was a lot of improper grammar. Sae Youn (More)
SeedFolks: Virgil
In the book SeedFolks by Paul Fleischman I just finished reading a chapter about Virgil. Virgil has a dad who is a cab driver. For Virgil, it is summer time which means no school! But, before it was bright out her dad shook her shoulder and told her (More)
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