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Blog Post 05/28
If my town didn't recycle something, would I go over to the next town? I think if I do it correctly then yes. What do I mean by correctly? I would stock upon whatever couldn't be recycled in my town, and then bring it there in one big bulk. It would (More)
Plastic Material Recycling Numbers 05/21
The most common materials are definitely 1 (PET) and 5 (PP). Polyethylene Terephthalate makes up many bottles, as well as materials that need to store and are kind of rigid. It is a lightweight, effective material the has many purposes. Polypropylene (More)
Tech Post 05/14
There are so many uses for a material. Take plastic for example. you can thin it out to make a wrapper, or make it thick and into container. Next there is wood. You can make a solid oak table out wood, but also a handcrafted, tiny model boat. It is a (More)
Tech Post 05/08
“Oregon Forest Law requires us to replant the site within two years and it needs to meet “green-up” standards by six [years]. By state law we are required to leave two live trees standing and two downed trees per acre of clearcut harvest. We are also (More)
Reflection on Tech so far
So far, tech has been pretty interesting. I have had some technical difficulties on  some assignments, but thats not the fault of this class. This has been a pretty recurring problem. Anyway, tech has been interesting studying properties of materials (More)
Tech 7
Now, what does it mean to build something. What I think it means to build something is to not only make, or create something, but to know that it was really you. You didn't just tag along and touch a piece of wood, but you put your heart into it. It (More)
o[o #1
My first post of 7th grade Tech! \o[o/ Backtracking to yesterday, we explored the world of wood-working. We basically used screwdrivers to drill different types of screws on blocks of wood. I had a hard time drilling in those screws because of the (More)

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