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This summer is going to be different. Usually I would be at camp and not at home. This year I will have a lot more time playing baseball, reading books, and hanging out with my siblings. I plan on going to a sailing day camp so that I can get better (More)
Thoughts on the End of School
As the school year ends, its weird. I feel like I haven’t completed it yet somehow I have. With the pandemic, it flipped everything upside down. 2 o fly closest friends moved away this year, and because of the pandemic i never got to say goodbye. (More)
Going Downhill.
In these strange times, life feels almost surreal. Everything in 2020 has just been going downhill. With Covid all the days seem endless, blended together,like nothing is whole.   and then there is George Floyd. It’s so horrible i can bare (More)
My thoughts
I am extremely disappointed in the way that there is still racial problems. Police should not be using the the power that they have in this way. That is abuse of power. I believe that these events itself should make our president do something but no. (More)
Recycling Plastics Elsewhere
Would I go out of my way to recycle things even if it is inconvenient? To put it simply, yes. While going to other towns or even county’s to recycle plastics takes a lot of time, to me, it is always worth it. I believe that helping the environm (More)
Would you?
If I was throwing away plastics because my town’s recycling won’t take them and then I found out that there is a place that I can take them but it was a lot further away, I would take it there. What I would do is get a humongous stash, and take it ha (More)
Plastic reflection
The materials that I am looking at are a wide variety of types of plastics. They range from almost hard as rock to something I like to drink in. I think that certain types of plastics are used differently then other because they all are different. Th (More)
How trees can be used
For short, there are infinite possibilities that wood can be used for. If not for harvesting lumber or paper it could be used to decrease pollution in areas where there is a lot of. If the trees in context are pine trees they could be sold in the win (More)
Why boys ask Qs on zoom and girls don’t
I don’t actually know the answer to the question. What I can theorize is that girls are a little shy on camera. I can also theorize that boys don’t feel comfortable with their grammar. That’s all I can say... (More)
Boys and Girls
I personally think that boys speak up more than girls in zoom because technology is stereotypes/considered as a “boyish” thing. Also, girls might be just more shy than boys. So if girls feel more comfortable emailing than physically discussing in cla (More)
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