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5th Grade - WeVideo - 2020 Edition
When creating a movie, video, PSA, or any visual project using a non-linear editor like WeVideo you need to keep a few standard rules in mind:   Start with 2 seconds of black End with 2 seconds of black Images should be between 4-6 (More)
A Word about Wifi
Mesh. Mesh is the word. A mesh network is a more reliable, stronger home wifi network, and a key asset in 2020. What is a mesh network? A mesh network is multiple wifi access points for your home to ensure fewer dead zones, faster connection (More)
Student headphones: an overview and some recommendations - 2019-2020 edition
At the start of the 2018-2019 school I wrote the first blog post regarding student headphones. This edition is essential (More)
Periodic Table of Apps
During the March 25, 2019 Scarsdale Board of Education meeting the updated Technology Plan was presented by the Jerry Crisci, the Scarsdale Schools Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation/Co-Director, The Center for Innovation.   (More)
Is there such a thing as too much technology?
We are surrounded by technology in our world today. We need technology to start our cars, heat our homes, play music, and give us directions when we're in the road. Technology plays a role in so much of our everyday life. But if we depend on it so mu (More)
Hi! One of our previous projects in technology was making switches, and it’s quite simple really. One really simple switch is taking a clothespin and putting tinfoil on both sides! When you connect it to a battery and lightbulb (Which I covered in my (More)
Circuit Simulator
Hi everybody! Today in class we played around with a circuit simulator, and it was really fun and interesting (More)
5th Grade GMail
For many years now students have been creating, collaboration, and communication using Google Drive. They've been making documents and slide shows, sharing files with each other, leaving comments with feedback and notes. The one thing they haven't be (More)
Jewelry Project
Right now, in the start of the third quarter, we are working on a project! A couple days ago Alexandra Mor, a professional jewelry designer came and showed us her jewelry and explained to us her mission. She moved to Bali a couple years ago and began (More)
It's Their Story, Not Mine
     I have a small group of 4th grade students who produced a video that documented a grade-wide project. Three classes pitched in to design (More)
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