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The Cave of Light
I made this a few months ago in Tinker Town I named it The Cave of Light. (More)
Caine's Arcade Final Reflection
We had Caine's Arcade and I made a board game. It is named Under the Water!  Here is my reflection and a picture of it.   Caine’s Arcade Final Reflection     A few days ago we had Caine’s Arcade and it was awesome! I like the ac (More)
Caines arcade final reflection 2017
I learned a lot from doing this project. One thing I learned about myself was that I talk a lot to my friends and then ask my teacher, Mr lebowitz to bail me out. For example I was way behind because I had decided to start a whole new game. I spen (More)
Caine's Arcade has ended! ):
Hi! This is my final Caine's Arcade Reflection By Alexander What I learned about myself during the Caine’s Arcade unit is that what I wanted to make, is not going to be what I always will end up with. I also learned that it is much harder to bu (More)
Tinker Town, we used different components such as  play-dough, batteries, LED lights, copper tape, magnetic tiles, and motors to build different things using what we know about electricity. My group and I made a home out of magnetic tiles. To make a (More)
Black Box!
Today we were doing Black Boxes. Black Boxes can be anything, for instance, a lock is a Black Box. You know what it does, but you don't know what's inside of it. We had an actual Black Box and we made a physical model of what we think is inside of th (More)
Mini Hogwarts
Today during Tinker Town we were doing components, me and my group made a mini Hogwarts. If you don't know what Hogwarts is, it is the school/castle from the book Harry Potter. More)
A few weeks ago me and my Tinker group made Hogwarts out of magfomers, magnatiles, a LED light, and a coin battery. More)
Arch Way Made By Components
Today I made an arch way inspired by the one in Disney movies "Swan Lake" and "Descendants". More)
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