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Caine's Arcade
We finished our Caine's Arcade projects! We let 1st graders play them and it was a blast. Here is my reflection on it. Today we let 1st graders play our game and took our games home. I learned a lot of lessons during this unit. I learned that I wo (More)
The Cave of Light
I made this a few months ago in Tinker Town I named it The Cave of Light. (More)
Caine's Arcade Final Reflection
We had Caine's Arcade and I made a board game. It is named Under the Water!  Here is my reflection and a picture of it.   Caine’s Arcade Final Reflection     A few days ago we had Caine’s Arcade and it was awesome! I like the ac (More)
Caine's Arcade Final Reflection
Name: Sofia Final Reflection One lessons that I learned about myself is that it is much easier to make an conceptual model than actually building the game. I thought this because when I was looking at my conceptual model it seemed so easy to m (More)
More Caines Arcade
Here is a video of me and my class at the end of Caines Arcade.       (More)
Caines arcade final reflection 2017
I learned a lot from doing this project. One thing I learned about myself was that I talk a lot to my friends and then ask my teacher, Mr lebowitz to bail me out. For example I was way behind because I had decided to start a whole new game. I spen (More)
Caine's Arcade has ended! ):
Hi! This is my final Caine's Arcade Reflection By Alexander What I learned about myself during the Caine’s Arcade unit is that what I wanted to make, is not going to be what I always will end up with. I also learned that it is much harder to bu (More)
Caines Arcade Final Reflection
This is my final reflection for the unit of Caines Arcade                           Caines Arcade Reflection         Caine’s Arcade has been awesome time learning so many things about myself and overcoming all adversity by myself. A lesson I learne (More)
Cain's Arcade
When Mr. Liebowitz was telling us about Caine's arcade I thought it will be so easy, but it was really hard. I thought it will be easy because it is just (More)
My Caine's Arcade final reflection.
Here's my final Caine's Arcade final reflection: This week was when we had our Caine’s Arcade showcase. I learned a lot of things about myself during Caine’s Arcade. One of those things is thinking too big. For example, in the beginning, I wanted (More)
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