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Mini Chandelier
A few weeks ago in Tinker Town my group got inspired to make a chandelier out of magformers and LED lights from another group which includes Abby, Maddie, Fredrick, and Matthew. Check out their blogs "Abby's Blog", "Maddie's Blog", "Fredrick's Blog" (More)
We just learned about tinker town components. There are many components from clay to led lights. My group made a machine where you (More)
LittleBits components!
Today we satrted learning about the other components that we can use for LittleBits. They are Play-Doh, LED lights, Copper Tape, and Magnetiles. I was able to make sparks!  They were very sall, but very interesting an colorful. I would like to give a (More)
Components Refelction
Here is an the example⇑   Today we just finished today's components lesson. We made the battery holder/container melt from the heat that the battery conducted. The springs grew so hot we couldn't touch them unless we wanted to get burned. Af (More)
The Jumping Bugs
Today in tinker town, my friend and I made cute little bugs that hopped around as if they were waiting for the bathroom. First we made a ladybug, and then we made a bee. The bee had a paper stinger which was actually sharp. The ladybug's antennas sho (More)
Little Bits
Today we had our second or third session on little bits. Little bits are tiny magnets that help you make circuits like making a flashlight, buzzer, or a tea stir. Little bits are a lot of fun and today I made a car and a stop watch. More)
Finished the Little Bits car!
Just yesterday, me and my friend finished our Little Bits car. We can't control it, but we are planning on making a design for it. It is also really cool to watch it go! Here is a picture of it. More)
A couple days ago, I found out about littleBits in Tinker Town.  LittleBits are magnetic electronic pieces that fit together to create circuits. With littleBits, you can do things like make noises, make pieces vibrate, and do other little things. Wit (More)
Tinker Town, Little Bits!
Hi! Yesterday  I started using these things called LittleBits. You can make from a spinning wheel to a n anomatronic hand! Me and my friend were building a car and really hope to finish it today. LittleBits are really cool and you should get them, so (More)
Tinker Town #1
I found a lot of items I can use to build my invention. I have a glue gun, a 3D pen, a highlighter, pieces of keyboard,     and some tools. I am going to make a pen that you can store your money in and not think about about thugs stealing it. (More)
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