August 10

Welcome to 5th Grade

August 2015

August is like one long Sunday for teachers. Watching the hours tick away too quickly, because there’s still so much to be done in preparation for the new students that will be crossing the threshold of our classroom in a few short hours (days really but it seems like hours).

The room has to be just right – a mix of inspiration and warm welcome is what I strive for.  And it’s never the same two years in a row. How could it be? The students aren’t the same and this group of 5th graders should have the opportunity to personalize their learning space just as others have before them. Even the curriculum changes from year to year with each group taking the conversations in a new direction, needing a little more here and pushing the envelope a little more there. Just think…what would happen if your favorite basketball team cleared their roster every year and started new, how might that change the game? The rules remain the same, the stadium is a bit spiffier, and the coach is still the coach. That’s what makes it exciting!

So while August is a long Sunday that certainly keeps me on my toes, I’m anticipating the journey that lies ahead. This new group of 5th graders will be comprised of boys, girls, mathematicians, scientists, athletes, musicians, dreamers, writers, and most importantly adventurers.  So I ask that you all come prepared for the journey. Bring something to read, something to write with and a positive attitude.  It’s going to be an amazing year!

WELCOME to 5th Grade!!!

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