April 13

E-Learning Monday April 13th

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

I hope you all enjoyed Wellness Week. I saw many great posts about your activities and adventures-thank you for sharing that with me. 

This week is filled with new, exciting learning opportunities as you will be Zooming with Ms. Cameron, Ms. Sorensen and Mr. Borgia (be sure you have joined his Google Classroom with the code he emailed to your parents). We are starting a new science unit on Weather, continuing with poetry, moving on to a new Mass & Weight unit in math and hanging out with Mr. Casal on Tuesday. Your Zoom schedule is in your social studies folder. 

FIRST – In your social studies and math folders, there is now a MARCH folder. Please drag ALL of your previous work into that folder so that it is easier to find new assignments. 

Now we can get started. It’s Monday, so that means a discussion starter and I am curious to know what you learned during Wellness Week. You can post on our Padlet something you learned to do/make/build or something you learned about yourself.  

Today we are Zooming at 10:30 and I will be introducing our new Science unit. I am really excited about this! Don’t be late and come with paper & a pencil! 

Other assignments:


Ms. DeGrazia introduces the new unit in this video: Mass & Weight

The Textbook pages AND the Workbook pages are in your math folder. You can insert a shape and solve directly on the pages in these slides. OR I’ve also emailed these pages to your parents to print out and upload them to the new April E-Learning Slides (in your social studies folder). 

Independent Reading

Read for 30 minutes. This can be on Epic (if you haven’t logged onto epic yet, please follow the directions below and do so now); TrueFlix, a physical book, Scholastic, or even an audiobook. 

Choose two pages to photograph and read to me on SeeSaw by Friday.

Logging onto Epic: go to https://www.getepic.com/students and use the code ecu0778.

Poetry: Repetition 

Today you will be learning about how repetition in a poem can create a rhythm or emphasize an idea. After you watch the lesson create your own poems trying to use repetition. Take a picture of the poem and read it aloud on Seesaw for us all to see and hear. Repetition Video

Words Their Way

Log in and look for your new assignment. 

See you all at 10:30!

Ms. Boyer xo


April 3

E-Learning Friday April 3rd

Good morning!

Happy Heathcote Spirit Day! Go Huskies! Ms. Stile e-mailed something special to your parents this morning. Be sure to ask them about it!  I think you will love this surprise! 

This morning we have a special Zoom session with Ms. Sorensen @10:30am. The link is in your social studies folder. 

As you begin to plan your day, be sure to make time for snack & recess. Taking a mental break and a screen break is really important! Be sure to plan at least one special today by visiting the Heathcote Gateway and seeing what your teachers have waiting for you.

Let’s get started…


Today I am giving you a checklist to help you keep track of your progress and to help you plan. Use this list to reflect on the last two weeks and make a plan for yourself to complete your assignments. Please record any questions you might have and share the document with me on Drive. 


Line Breaks Video

Line Breaks Slides – they are in your social studies folder for you to review


Social Studies

Document Analysis Video

Document Analysis Slides – This is in your social studies folder


Watch the video below and then complete these Composite Figure Practice Slides 

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay tuned for the Wellness Week catalog of activities coming your way soon! 

Ms. Boyer xo


March 31

E-Learning Tuesday March 31

Good morning! 

It was great to have 100% attendance in our Zoom session this morning! Thank you all for showing up. I’ve loved looking at your work today – so many thoughtful responses to the See,Think,Wonder, several beautiful heart maps and detailed responses to the Cultural Universals work. Keep it up third graders! You are all amazing 🙂 

As you begin to plan your day, make time for snack & recess. Taking a mental break and a screen break is really important! Be sure to plan at least one special today by visiting the Heathcote Gateway and seeing what your teachers have waiting for you. 

Our question Padlet is still active, so please add your questions here: E-Learning Questions

We have a special Zoom session planned for this morning with Ms. Stile joining to read the book of the month to us. The link is in your social studies folder. I’ll see you at 10:30. 


Khan Academy Links for Composite Figures: Decomposing Figures to find Area

There are a few videos and activities on the left-hand side of the screen. Click through each of them and try to figure them out.


Complete your heart map and upload it to SeeSaw. Use the mic icon to record yourself telling us all about your map. Once on Seesaw, click the “add” button and then you will be brought to the media screen –

You can take a picture using Seesaw (on iPad or phone) or upload a photo using  a computer.

Explore: Today I would like you to explore some different poems using these various websites provided below.

Poetry Websites:

If you are feeling up to it, after you have explored, take the time to think about your own poetry and come up with a creative poem that you can upload to Seesaw. You may decide to write it on paper and take a picture, draw it out with the texting tool, record yourself reading your poem, upload an image of the poem or type it in the note option. Then use the mic to record yourself. We can’t wait to hear all the beautiful poems you will be writing!

Social Studies

  • Complete the Photography Analysis task from yesterday. 
  • Cultural Universals Beliefs: The slides are in your social studies folder. Due Thursday

Special Learning Opportunity

Author Grace Lin

Has a YouTube Channel where she is posting read aloud videos, draw-alongs and a podcast for a very cool screen break. 

Have a great day!

Ms. Boyer xo


March 26

E-Learning Thursday March 26th

Good morning my awesome third graders!

How is everyone doing this morning? There are 2 zoom sessions scheduled for today, one at 10am and the other at 11am. These will be for you to join and ask any questions you have about the assignments or how to use any of the tech. The links are in your social studies folder on Drive. Please try to join at least one of the sessions. 

As you get ready to plan your day, as always, remember to make time for snack and recess. Taking a mental break is really important, it also gives you a chance to relax and refocus when you do get back to the learning. 

So let’s get started…


Have you seen what Ms. Cameron has posted for you on the Heathcote Gateway

She has been busy getting ready to connect with you on Google Classroom. This is your code:

3rd Grade-Boyer gcbfwj2

Write it down and put it somewhere that you will remember. 

Click on the link above, choose Google Classroom Setup on the left, and follow the instructions. You’ll need this code to connect. 

Because of Winn-Dixie

Now that we have finished the book, it is time to enjoy the movie! Watch the movie Because of Winn Dixie if you are able to. When you do, complete the Compare/Contrast Chart that is in your READING folder on Drive. 

Field Trip

Let’s take a trip to a place somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit! The San Diego Zoo

Before you get lost looking at the alligators, bears, and cheetahs, take a look at the Virtual Field Trip Bingo Board I made for you (It’s in your social studies folder on Drive). 

In Bingo, players complete three in a row to claim the prize. Since the prize here is ultimate knowledge and fun, you can choose one or more activities to complete. You may need additional resources to help you complete some of the activities, so be sure to use the library resources page. 


Math from earlier this week is now in your math folder on Drive if you haven’t completed that yet. You can use the text box to insert your answers. 

Cultural Universals – Please complete the slides assigned yesterday, that are in your social studies folder, by Friday.  

Looking forward to seeing you all later!

Ms. Boyer xo

April 12

Blogging & Social Media in the Elementary Classroom

My teaching philosophy has always involved a making component long before Makerspaces were mainstream. I believe in hands-on learning. Embodied cognition means to learn by doing; and similar to playing with fraction pieces to gain an understanding of fractions, children need to play with language in order to gain an understanding of what it means to be a better writer. Blogging allows for that type of tinkering with text while helping students to grow their writing muscles because blogs allow for editing, revising and multiple iterations over time.

Blogging & Social Media in The Elementary Classroom from ChristineBoyer10
November 20

New App = New Learning

I introduced Padlet to my 5th graders this week. I really didn’t know much about Padlet but thought it had the “cool factor” and would prove to be a very interesting way for my students to share their new investigations of non-fiction. I set up our collaborative group in Padlet, made a WELCOME page with a few notes for students to read with links to follow, and sent each student a note (in their google drive) introducing our new adventure.  I knew I didn’t know everything there was to know about this new app, but I do know 5th graders and I draw comfort from the fact that whatever I don’t know, they will figure out in a fraction of the time it would take me to resolve any issue.  Ten year olds are not intimidated, they are intuitive.

It’s been two days since Padlet became a new buzz word in our classroom and I’ve experienced a few F.A.I.L.s (First Attempts In Learning) but each hiccup was quickly resolved because my students possess two qualities that big businesses look for in their prospective employees; they are skilled problem solvers and they are digitally literate. Digital literacy is a fairly new term that marries the two words, digital and literacy.  Yet it is so much more than just the words; it’s a way of life, a way of interacting with the world, a way of solving problems and communicating.  In my 5th grade classroom, it’s me being comfortable with the fact that I will never know as much as my students; I teach them, they teach me. We raise the bar everyday.  

Padlet has proven to be an effective collaborative learning tool thus far. My students have now created shared Padlets as reading partners and are busy linking additional media to inform their learning. In a brief check-in ‘round the room the consensus was that we should continue to use Padlet, that it was easy to take notes on and it was a good way to organize thinking to share with a group. And so we shall…