About me project – Tynker – Pt 2 (Tech Class)

Hello everybody! Today I am going to be talking about the program Tynker, and what we are doing with it. I am in the Computer Technology quarterly at my middle school, and we are using a program called Tynker to make it. Tynker is like a kids block based coding app where kids learn how to code and stuff. Anyways, it’s pretty easy. For class we have to build an about me page, where it shows different facts about ourselves. I put little people up on the screen, and coded stuff so that they would show a fact about me when clicked.  It went somewhat like this.

when actor clicked

Say “I have a cat,” for 3 seconds

Of course I don’t really remember what I put, but we don’t have to talk about that. Anyways, I put around 4-5 people on my thing and called it a day. Overall it was pretty easy, but it is a good learning experience.

Computer Science is Changing Everything – A video overview – Pt 1 (Tech Class)

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and there is so much I need to talk about. But I will do that in another post. Today I will be reviewing a video called, “Computer Science is Changing Everything,” and talking about a specific part of the video. 

The video has a couple parts, each talking about how computers have affected the industry. Today I will talk about the agriculture part of it. The video interviews a person who has built a software to monitor lettuce crops, and improve the amount of lettuce harvested. What I find intriguing is that agriculture is one of the most important industries in the world, and it is really important to our society. The fact that we can automate our crop management, and have a computer nurture to each crop. The “Lettuce Bot” is used in the video to see and manage 1.5 million crops. Now that is a lot of crops. If we can use this technology for crops in the world, thousands of peoples lives will be changed, and farming will become much less taxing. This is one of the many examples the video states, and it is truly a wonder what computers can do.

I will follow up on some of the things that I’ve been doing in another post.

I hope you all are well.


When I wrote part three I thought that was going to be the end of capstone, but I was wrong!

We were showing the videos for our capstone, and I thought mine was great. Fast, with tons of information that I was going to share. That came back to bite me in the back, because it was too fast, and even I couldn’t understand my capstone! And with some public humiliation, I realized it wasn’t going to make the cut. I was devastated. For two whole days I was in a bad mood, not perking up anytime. But today I realized I needing to change it. I realized I needed to redo my capstone. All of it. Script, recording, media. I had to change it all. I took my 993 word script and cut it too 644 words. I took away run on sentences, other information I didn’t need, and every bit of excess stuff off. That took an hour. Then, I rerecorded my video, from beginning to end, I redid it ALL. It was slower, and shorter, and way easier to understand. Then, I took my images, and tailored them to the words. It was hard, and I had to get it exactly right. But finally after hard work, my spirts were lifted, and I had finished my capstone, another time. Thank goodness I did that. It was so much better this time. Thank you to my father for helping me with the project! Whew! A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders!

Capstone – pt 3 – Finish!

After hours and hours of hard work on the script of my capstone, which includes my interview, my information, and my questions, I finally finished working on the hardest part of the capstone, the script. I poured over information for the past month, searching for answers to the questions I have asked at the beginning of this. Finally, I collected all the information I needed to start working on my script. I strived to write formally instead of the classic informal writing I use in this blog post. That was very very hard, and I didn’t enjoy that at all. But soon, the script was ready to go, and I could start working on my movie. Over the past two days, I worked my head off recording and animating my movie in WeVideo, a movie software that we used for other projects in the past. I scanned the internet for free pictures and terminology that I needed. It was hard work, but I finally finished the movie! Overall, I am proud of my work, having spent almost a month filling out the requirements for the project, and it will probably prepare me for middle school.

I also need to answer my main question, “How do the different participants in a courtroom trial interact to conduct a trial and reach a verdict?” That was a tough one, because there were two answers to it. One for criminal cases, and one for civil cases. For criminal cases, the system is harsh. The defense fights with the prosecution, the judge oversees, and the jury watches. For civil cases, the plaintiff fights with the defendant, but it could be the judge or the jury watching the trial. That is the answer to my main inquiry question. I would like to thank Mike Gluck, Mr Casal, and Mrs. Robert for helping me with this project.

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jkZPHJsgXk&list=PLB96r9gj6B-Y-TwRAkZUa93-QMCVWtKwa&index=18&t=0s

Capstone – pt 2 – Interview

As part of our capstone project, we have to do an interview for our presentation. I am doing the law and the courtroom for my project, and I just so happened to have an older cousin who worked as a defense attorney for criminal cases. I wanted to interview someone I could trust for this, and I found the perfect person! But before I could do the interview, I had to write the questions for it. I spent hours working on the perfect questions, but I didn’t have to. After I finished, I realized that the questions weren’t as hard as I thought, and I shouldn’t have been too hard on myself. So I put my best foot forward, and did my interview.

And I did great! (In my humble opinion) Mike, my interviewee (Public Defense Attorney of Criminal Law) was as excited as I was for the interview. He answered my questions with a lot of thought and detail and I believe I did a pretty good job taking notes, even with the unbearable spelling errors. In this post I thank Mike for the interview and all the good information he gave me.

I hope you all are well.

Capstone – pt 1 – The Beginning

The end of fifth grade is here! Which means, at home or not, CAPSTONE! I chose law and the courtroom for my topic, because I have a older cousin who is an attorney, and I have always loved the idea of the courtroom. We did some preparing, but we didn’t really start the unit until this week. We did some organizers and picked our topics, but this week really kicked it off. So I dived right in with the questions. We have to do a main inquiry question and five sub inquiry questions for our Capstone presentation. Once we got the questions down, we searched for reliable resources to get our information from. This, (I can’t lie) was a grueling process, to find something reliable, recent, and not some crazy random website that you have never heard of. Thankfully, in a short time (well, not that short) I found reliable resources. And now, I am collecting notes for my questions. Overall, the start was a bit slow, but I am looking forward to the end product.

Exercise at home – Quarantine self-help pt 7

When we are stuck at home, we don’t exercise. And that is a problem. Here are some exercise ideas for people stuck at home:

Apps: This is simple, but is a nice way to get exercise. Download an app that allows you to work out with trainers and/or set goals for yourself. In my family we do this and I recommend it for people who like to get things done quickly.

Stairs: Warning: not as easy as it looks. If you are in an apartment building or a two-story house, walk (or run) up and down the stairs for twenty times. You might be like, “Oh, easy,” but this actually pretty hard (for me) and it is a great way to work your legs and get your heart rate up.

Walk: If you live in the suburbs, this is my biggest recommendation to you. Take a walk (two miles at least for 10+) in your town and enjoy the fresh air while getting your exercise in for the day. The best time to take a walk is 10:00 AM or 3:00 PM. Make sure to distance yourself from other people though, and try to stay on quieter roads.

Run: If you live in an apartment, this is my biggest recommendation to you. Run around your kitchen or dining room or whatever room you would like. Even though it isn’t as good as taking a run at the track, it is a safe way to run around. But try not to knock things over, I don’t want to be the reason that your parents coffee is now on the white couch.

This is the last of the Quarantine self-help posts, but now you have a week of things to help you stay active during this crazy time. I hope you all are well.


Connect with your friends – Quarantine self-help pt 6

If you aren’t connecting with your friends, things can get depressing. Even if you hate socializing (like me) it is a good thing to connect with peeps, because thats what humans are meant to do. Here’s ways you can connect with people:

Zoom: Zoom can work with any email, and is good for large groups. Download it on your computer or phone and create a meeting. I wouldn’t recommend this for on the spot video chats, because on this you have to schedule a meeting, you can’t just click and start a chat, and you can’t actual message the people.

Texts and Messaging: You probably all know what this is, so I am not going to explain it, but there is one thing you should know. You need a phone number to do it, so email doesn’t make the cut on this one. But this is easy two taps for face-time and call do this is a good option for people with phones.

Google hangouts: This is the google form of texting that only needs an email (certain types) to work. You can download the app on your phone or find it in your google apps and in your gmail on your computer. This is the communicating app I use and I recommend it for you and your friends.

House party: House party requires a phone number, but it is a great way to connect with people. Unlike any of these apps, House Party has built in games that you can play, and they are really fun. This is the best way to connect for kids who have phones.

I hope you all are well.

Sample Schedule – Quarantine self-help pt 5

Hello! Here is a sample schedule for the best way to organize your work (and to make your parents happy):

9:00 – Start your day and review work (See pt 3)

9:20 – Exercise. This can be running up and down the stairs, playing basketball or really anything that gives you exercise

9:40 – Other work, as in playing an instrument, and doing things for specials at school, or work for tutors and other teachers.

10:10 – School work. (See pt 3) Get the school work done for the day.

11:30 – Reading. (If you haven’t finished your work you can take this out of your schedule)

12:00 – Lunch and break! Yum!

12:45 – More schoolwork or chores (If you don’t have any do some stuff see pt 2 and pt 4)

1:30 – Community. Reach out to friends and family!

2:00 – Free time. Although this is free, try to refrain from video games and give yourself a break.

3:00 – Take a walk

4:00 – Have a snack and check on your schoolwork

4:30 – Reading or writing

5:00 – FREE

I hope you all are well.

Rainy day activities – Quarantine self-help pt 4

Today was a rainy day, and I am sure people around the world are stuck at home with nothing to do. Can’t go outside, can’t go anywhere, it is not going to be a good day. Here are some things to do on rainy days:

Daily story: I have already mentioned this in one of these posts, but doing a one page story a day can give you something to do and spark your imagination to do something bigger, even on a rainy day. I find this helpful to do when you are stuck inside, literally.

Drawing: Drawing can help relax you and clear your mind to get you ready for E-learning, or going on a zoom, or really anything stressful. On a rainy day, I would draw the scene outside to connect with nature and take advantage of the rain to make a nice piece of artwork.

Cook or bake: It feels good to eat warm homemade food on a rainy day. So why not have it? Bake or cook by yourself or with family to have a nice big stew or a beautiful cake on to perk up your mood on a dreary rainy day.

These are just some of the activities you can do on a rainy day. I hope you all are well.

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