Hello world

Hi my name is Cami and this is my blog. love to sing, but my brother and my dad- not so much. I am nine years old and I live in New York

 Something you should know about me is that i love dogs. I just got an Australian Labradoodle. Her name is Penny. She’s really cute. If you want to get a dog or you are very interested in Australian Labradoodles, you will love my blog. 


I love dessert. My favorite dessert is chocolate cake. It is so good. The only problem is that my brother’s chocolate cake tastes like moldy broccoli. It’s so gross. Maybe it’s because he’s only six. otherwise i like the chocolate cake my grandmother makes for me.


I love to travel. My favorite place to go is Utah. It’s really fun.  My family and I love to ski there. I’ve been skiing for two years. I’m on a pretty high level for someone who has only been skiing for about two years. I also go to Mexico sometimes. I just went to camp over the summer and one of my camp friends lives in Mexico. Maybe I’ll visit her the next time I go. Have you ever been to either of these places?


That is a little of what you will learn in my blog. If you love dogs, dessert and traveling you will love my blog.

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