Hanukkah tradition

Do you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah? I celebrate Hanukkah. Some traditions that I do is I sing prayers.I also have a special dinner with my family the dinner is special because we all have potato lakes. Most Jewish people do that tradition but its special because usually we all have different dinners for example one day I will have chicken but when i’m eating my chicken my brother will be eating mac and cheese and my mom and dad will be eating steak. On Hanukkah we all eat the same thing and that is very special. I love Hanukkah with my family.

One thought on “Hanukkah tradition

  1. Cami
    I LOVE your blog. I like how your prayers link is of your temple. I like how you included what you eat and compare it to other days in your normal life. (not saying that your life is weird) I would really appreciate if you put maybe a photo to make your post pop!
    – Lucy

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