Nonfiction Reading Unit

In reading I learned a lot of new things. Mr. DeBerry was our teacher. He is a very helpful teacher. I also worked in a team with Ms. Berger’s class. These are the people that were in my team: Mia, Sophie F, Sophie B, Mei, Robert, Rio, and  Teddy. They were also helpful.

If you are wondering what this reading lesson was about, it is about nonfiction reading. We learned how to become better researchers. Mr DeBerry also taught us to pick good books.  

We did flipgrid. Flipgrid is a similar to a vlog. To see my ow flipgrid, click this link: Cami’s flipgrid

We also had topics. My first topic was floods. I learned a lot about floods. My second topic was droughts. Sadly, I was sick when we presented floods. But when we presented droughts I was there and I was really really good. We did a slide and everyone got to present two slides. All of us had a spark question. Spark questions are questions about our topic. My spark question was how do you stay safe in a drought. This is our presentation:

I learned a lot in this reading unit and I think Mr. DeBerry is a great nonfiction reading teacher. I also think my team was so amazing and helpful. Bye guys! 🙂