A Bad Flu Season

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Title: A Bad Flu Season

Source: Time for Kids

Article date: 2/26/18


This year has been a very bad flu season around the United States. So many people have been getting sick. In other states it is hard to get sick because some of them are warm and in warm weather you usually don’t get the flu.

To prevent yourself from getting the flu you should get the flu shot. The flu shot helps you prevent the flu because there is so much medicine in that little needle that it prevents the flu.

Some other ways to prevent the flu is to wash your hands very well and to cover your mouth when you cough.Some symptoms for the flu is headache, fever,cough and you can be tired.

The flu usually lasts for at least two weeks. The flu is very dangerous for children and especially people over 65. If you have the flu the doctors can treat the flu with medicine.

The flu can be really dangerous sometimes but sometimes you have to work through it.


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2 thoughts on “A Bad Flu Season

  1. I never new that if you live in a warmer place it is harder to get the flu, now I want to live in a warmer place. I also never new that ages 65 and up it is much harder to deal with the flu, that is sad for them. Yes I agree sometimes you just have to work through it. Keep up the good work!


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