Personal Essay – Cami


Sometimes in life you get stressed and  being stressed can be very hard. For example, I get stressed from a lot of things including homework,piano and siblings. There are way more stressing things but I am only going to tell you three.


The first reason is homework. Some people (like me) have after school activities. I have a whole schedule of activities, but don’t worry I will only tell you two. On Mondays I have piano and basketball. On Tuesdays I have this really boring activity called Musicianship. Musicianship is a class were you learn about music and the history of it. I have a whole nother schedule but i’m only going to share these with you.


Another reason why homework is stressing is that homework can sometimes be hard and when homework is hard I obviously ask for help but my parents only say, “I will help you later,” but then they never help me so then I ask my babysitter and she says, “I’m cooking,” but it was 5:00 and she starts making dinner at 5:45. So when I need help the last person to ask is my teddy bear but everyone knows teddy bears don’t help. So then im left alone, and that is stressing.


The next reason is siblings. Everyone knows siblings always get on your nerves and that is stressing one example that siblings are stressing is that one day I was doing my homework in my room very nicely and quietly. Two seconds later my brother walks in and starts playing loud and horrible music. I told my brother, “Please stop because you are making me stressed,” but of course he didn’t listen. He kept doing it until my grandma walked in. my grandma didn’t stop him instead she started asking me random questions like what books did you read today. I got so stressed that I yelled at both of them to leave my room.

One other example that siblings are stressing is that one day my brother decided to start drawing instead of watching his ipad. So then I said ok you can draw. Then I left him alone for a while because I needed some alone time. One  hour later I came downstairs and saw that my brother was still drawing so I looked over to see what he was drawing. I peeked over and guess what he was scribbling all over my homework that my tutor gave me. I was so mad at him. Two seconds later my brother tells my mom that I drew all over my homework. And that was a stressing day.


The last reason is piano. If you play the piano you know that you have to practice it every day which is so stressing. One time I was so tired because I had a sleepover that following night. So I asked my mom if I could skip my practice today. But of course she said no. so then I asked my dad and he said yes. So then my mom and dad talked for a while and they finally decided that the answer was no and that was a very stressing night. My piano teacher is super sad,strict and gloomy. So one day she gave me a song called Melody of Spring and my the title I was so excited because my piano teacher never gives me happy songs. So I started playing the song and it was the saddest song I have ever heard in my entire life. And that was a stressing day.


Being stressed can be very hard through homework,piano and especially siblings, but sometimes you just have to work through it.

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