My Friend Essay

Things My Friend And I Have In Common

Ari and I are “bftfs” which means best friends together forever. We have a lot in common. One thing we have in common is that we both have dogs. We also look exactly alike. Finally, we both love to bake.

Ari and I both have dogs and we love them. My dog’s name is Penny and her dog’s name is Sadie. A couple days ago Penny and Sadie had a playdate. That did not go so well. This is what happened. I brought Penny over for a playdate with Sadie at Ari’s house. Once I got there, I let go of her leash, and boom! It was just like the show Tom and Jerry! Penny chased Sadie around the entire house while Sadie hid under the chairs and couches. I think I know why Sadie was afraid of Penny. It was probably because Penny is more than three times larger than Sadie! When I got home, I got a text from Ari saying that Sadie would not come out from under the couch.

The next thing that we have in common is our looks. One time Ari and I were going to the library together. Mrs Schorr was checking out our books. She checked my book out as Ari, and checked Ari’s book out as me!  Another time at a birthday party, I went to say happy birthday to the birthday girl and she said, “thanks Ari” and then Ari said happy birthday to her and she replied, “thanks Cami”. I guess we really do look alike!

The last thing that Ari and I have in common is that we both love to bake. One time there was a very bad blizzard and I lost power at my house. I was lucky enough to stay at Ari’s house. Since we both love to bake, we made chocolate marshmallow brownies and chocolate chip cookies together. Ari’s mom made us include our younger siblings in the activity. Ari and I made the brownies, and my brother and her sister made the cookies. In the end they turned out very yummy.

Ari will be my “bftf” forever and ever and ever. We are like milk and cookies or peanut butter and jelly. We will be friends forever and nothing can stop it, not even an occasional fight.

2 thoughts on “My Friend Essay

  1. Dear Cami,
    I really liked your chose of article. I also liked how you explained the difference in the affect of the wet food and the dry food.

    From: Heather

  2. Hi Cami! Some people think me and my BFF look exactly alike, too! But we don’t. I think it’s funny that people believe we are sisters. My BFF actually tells people we are sisters. It’s nice to have a friend like that!
    I like seeing all the things you learned about writing an essay!
    – Mrs. Assatly

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