Okay to Eat?

Title: Okay to Eat?

Source: time for kids

Date: March 16 2018

Author: Rebecca Mordechai

Newstype: World


Have you ever eaten off of the floor? Be honest I don’t judge. If you have its okay because 50% of adults and children have eaten off of the floor. Most people do the five second rule.

Scientist Donald Schaffner discovered that it is not wise to do the five second rule with wet food. You’re probably wondering why is it not wise. It is not wise because when you drop wet food the food picks up bacteria from the floor as soon as it falls. Donald Schaffner says “The wetter the food is the more bacteria it picks up

. A man named Anthony Hilton also studies the five second rule. Hilton says that dry food pics up less bacteria than wet food but still picks up a little of bacteria. He also found that carpeted floors pick up fewer bacteria than tile or wood floors.

If you drop food on the floor it is a wiser choice to leave it there but if you really want it then you can have it.

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6 thoughts on “Okay to Eat?

  1. To Cami
    I like how you explained that on some cases you can eat food off the floor, and some cases it’s best not to. Good job.


  2. Dear Cami,
    I was always really wondering if people could eat off the floor, so thank you. I was always using the five second rule though. I like how you said that you are probably wondering why it’s not wise. I also liked that you said that dried food takes up less bacteria than wet food and you said carpeted floor takes up less bacteria than tiled or wood floors, so good job Cami!

  3. Dear Cami,
    I think that it is not a good idea to eat of the floor because it still picks up some germs. I like how you used quotes in your essay.


  4. Dear Cami, I really liked your current event. I agree that it is interesting. I used to think that the five second rule was real but it turns out, It is sometimes real.

  5. Dear Cami,
    I really liked your chose of article. I also liked how you explained the difference in the affect of the wet food and the dry food.

    From: Heather

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