8 thoughts on “My Colonial School Video

  1. Hi Cami you did such a great job when you were talking I even learned from you keep inspiring me its so fun to learn from you.

  2. Dear Cami,
    I really like how you were in the perspective of a 6 year old girl! I also think that it is very unfair that boys get to go to school longer.
    From, Nico

  3. Dear Cami,
    I love the pictures you put in your video.When I was mixed up I always looked at your pictures.I think it was a good idea that you kid not a teacher because now we know what it was like to be a kid in school.

  4. Cami,
    I like your video. You did such a good job. I like your costume. You were very descriptive. You did terrific job!!!!
    – Lucy

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