Current event earth day!

This year on Earth Day some amazing people did some amazing things for the environment by taking some of the garbage and plastic out of the ocean. They worked very hard and put in a lot of time and effort to remove plastic from the Ocean. At the same time, they did a very nice thing for their town.


A man named David Katz said, “The only way to stop ocean plastic is to reveal the value into the hands of collectors.” That’s what these amazing people did. The people helped a whole town in addition to the entire planet. They helped us by taking some of the pollution out of the water. They helped the town by making lights out of plastic. Isn’t that so cool. I think it is very cool.


These amazing people also made it easier for animals to survive by removing some dangerous straws that animals can swallow. I learned that when I get straws at  restaurants, the straw ultimately goes into the trash and then animals can get them. I wouldn’t recommend having another straw!


I think these people did a amazing thing. And of course, happy earth day!


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